Simple suggestions for achieving more success in online dating

More and more singles each year find their life partners online. Statistics confirm these words with concrete numbers. According to them, today, every third couple starts a relationship online – and it’s a kind of worldwide practice. So it is understandable that you have decided to look towards this way of partner search as the most promising one.

However, you don’t need to think – you need to find the best strategy using a trial-and-error method. Read an overview of the most essential suggestions in this regard. By the way, they are equally beneficial regardless of which platform you use: a russian bride website like or a casual dating app like Tinder.

Consider your profile the basis for a positive result

Bear in mind: your profile is the most essential building block for a successful outcome. It will help you attract much attention and get plenty of new contacts. And, in contrast, with an incomplete or boring profile, you simply get lost in the crowd. Therefore, take sufficient time to formulate clear, vivid information about yourself.

Let us give you some examples. Instead of writing, “I like going to the cinema,” tell others which movies you like most. Or, instead of saying, “I like being spontaneous,” describe your latest adventures. Such details in the user profile give your potential soulmates a clear picture of what makes you so unique. Still, you don’t have to write a novel – just a few lines to arouse curiosity will be enough.

No less significant is to upload recently made, high-quality pictures.

Send multiple communication requests each week

Okay, your profile is filled out perfectly, the best photos are uploaded – it is time to do something! The biggest mistake at this point is to step back and wait till your email box is filled up with letters. Since you are not the only male user of the site – you have to draw attention to yourself. So you definitely need to take the initiative.

Every reputable dating platform suggests its members are the most matching people. Take a look at what they offer you and write the first message to those you like. It must be four to five communication requests a week.

Formulate individual messages

Look, it’s the sort of unspoken rule: copy-paste messages are never successful.

Many men send impersonal standard texts to all users from their contact list – and this is absolutely wrong. These letters usually fade away unanswered because everyone wants to feel special. So the most successful dating strategy is the individual approach. Read the lady’s profile information carefully and find starting points for a relaxed opening to the conversation. For example, if she reveals that she likes to travel to Asia – ask her which countries she has already visited. If a woman shares that she loves literature – ask her which book is on her bedside table now. Throw in a few more details about yourself to make it easier for your crush to reply.

Dating doesn’t end up with its virtual part

You have probably heard of couples who fell in love just through the Internet without a single meeting in real life. In exceptional cases, this may actually lead to a happy ending. But such virtual feelings are often quickly destroyed when lovebirds start dating offline. They interpreted too much into each other, daring the reality check too late. That’s why one of the most valuable online dating tips nowadays is: don’t wait too long to arrange a rendezvous in real life!

A dating platform only lays the foundation for the initial contact, but you shouldn’t make yourself comfortable there for too long. Otherwise, you run the risk of idealizing your online girlfriend.