Simple Ideas for Quality-of-Life Bedroom Remodels


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Even when we aren’t sleeping or getting ready for bed, many of us use our bedrooms as a space to relax with a book or watch TV. When planning quality of life improvements for their homes, the bedroom isn’t the first part of the house that most homeowners consider, but it really should be. Even simple bedroom remodels, such as changes in layout or the addition of new furniture, can improve both the feel and function of the room you spend the most time in. Here are some ideas for simple quality of life bedroom remodels.


It may seem like a simple change, but clearing more space can refresh the atmosphere of the room and make it feel brand-new. It’s especially important to leave plenty of space around your bed. Not only will this make it easier to get in and out of bed at night, but many people also sleep better in a de-cluttered space. To help you clear bedroom space, you can use the “Melon Rule”: if you have several decorations smaller than a cantaloupe, chances are they’re contributing to the clutter of the room. You can easily declutter if you have more space to place the stuff that you’re not ready to let go of. Such as albums cd’s and collectables, ideally one that is close by such as Self Storage in Walthamstow if you live in that general area for example. The point is you will want one thats close by and one that will be easy to access for yourself.

Get More Sunlight

Another good improvement to make to your bedroom is to increase the amount of sunlight flowing into the room. Not only is exposure to sunlight scientifically proven to boost mood, but a bit of early-morning sun can also make it easier for you to wake up and get out of bed on time. Another practical benefit of added sunlight is that your bedroom, and your home as a whole, will stay warmer, which will help you reduce heating costs. If your bedroom isn’t getting enough sunlight, consider upgrading to larger windows or installing windows on the side of the room that gets the most sun during the day.

Deck the Walls

Bare walls can make any bedroom look and feel tired, so you should consider spicing things up by hanging paintings, posters or whatever else pleases your eyes. You can stay minimalist if you like, or try creating a gallery wall featuring some of your favorite pieces. You’ll be surprised by how much homier your bedroom will feel once you get some decorations up on the walls.

Indoor Gardening

Another easy and impactful bedroom remodeling tip is to bring in some plants. Plants are versatile decorations; different varieties can lend dozens of different atmospheres to your room so long as you get enough sunlight to keep them alive. If you have the floor space, try some large potted plants to make your room feel like a secluded forest clearing, or save space by hanging plants wherever they’ll catch your eye. Moving plants into your room isn’t just an aesthetic improvement, either: indoor plants improve your home’s air quality by reducing CO2 levels and boosting oxygen levels. If cleaner air is a priority, try snake plants, which are known to be particularly good for air quality maintenance.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Since you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom sleeping, upgrading to a more comfortable mattress can be a game-changer. When shopping for a new mattress, consider your environment; if you need a mattress for your Sydney home, for example, you’ll want a mattress with breathable layers to combat the generally hot climate. You should also account for your sleeping habits and preferences. If you’re the kind of sleeper who needs to sink into bed, you might shop around for memory foam mattresses, or you might want something firmer if you suffer from back pain or prefer to sleep with your body perfectly aligned.

There are countless other ways to improve the look, feel and function of your bedroom, but all of the simple changes discussed here are great quality of life upgrades. When it comes to bedroom remodels, the key is to remember that the atmosphere of the room matters just as much as physical comfort. If the design and layout of your bedroom put your mind at ease, chances are good that you’ll sleep better and feel better.

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