Simple hacks to clean your bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the hardest tasks there is; it is time-consuming and laborious. But with a few simple tricks up your sleeves, you can do the task in no time. It’s like knowing the cheat code and doing the tasks faster without taking the long route. Continue reading this article to learn vital tips to help you clean your bathroom faster.

Gather Supplies: You want to tackle the great task of cleaning the bathroom today. Great! But before you get all charged up and roll up your sleeves, ensure you have the supplies required to thoroughly clean the space. Here is a list of items you’ll need to clean the bathroom.

  • All Purpose Cleaner.
  • A toilet Brush.
  • Buckets.
  • Vinegar.
  • Lemon.
  • Microfiber Clothes
  • Best Wipes.
  • Scrubber/ Scrubbing Brush.
  • Power Mop.
  • Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Shaving Foam
  • Tea Leaves
  • Bicarbonate Soda.
  • A bottle of Cocoa-cola.

Some of the items on the list may seem strange to you, and you might wonder, are we making lemon tea? But trust me; it’s all part of the plan.

Clean The Showerhead: The chlorine present in the water makes your showerhead all white and dull. The white watermarks are still visible no matter how hard you scrub with your brush. To remove the watermarks and keep the showerhead sparkly, dip them in a bowl of vinegar. Keep the showerhead in a vinegar solution for half an hour and gently scrub the same with a scrubber. You’ll be surprised to see how clean the showerheads look. Next, you can use lemon rinds and vinegar to clean the faucets and the pipes.

Unclog The Bathroom Drain: The bathroom drain is one of the dreaded spaces. No matter how often you clean the drain, it gets clogged all over again in a few days. But you don’t have to get on all four and scrub for hours. Now, there’s a solution. Get some bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in a bowl. Mix the solution and pour the same over the drainage area. The mixture will help dissolve the particles that block a bathroom drain. Who knew cleaning could be this simple?

Scrub The Mirrors: A bathroom mirror gets dirty quickly if you don’t pay attention to its upkeep. Since the mirror is in a closed space with water everywhere, it gets foggy, and the watermark is all over the surface. Just like the showerhead, the watermark on the mirror is hard to clean. But, for every problem, there’s a hack. All you have to do is make tea (not kidding!).

  • Make a cup of black tea. And let it cool down.
  • Once the tea is cooled, wash the mirror with the tea (including the tea leaves)
  • After you pour the tea, add shaving cream over the surface and clean the area with a wet washcloth.

You will be surprised to find how clean the mirror looks once you clean it with tea and shaving cream. Tea contains tannic acid that helps clean the surface better.

Clean The Toilet Bowl: Now that you’ve used tea, lemon, and shaving cream, what is left to use? Oh, of course! The Coca-Cola. Cocoa-cola is a good cleaner, believe it or not! The drink can easily be used to clean the toughest spots in the bathroom. At times, you get brownish spots under the toilet bowl. These hard-to-clean sports can be easily wiped off after you pour a full bottle of coca cola on them.