Simple guide on how to build a garage on your own


Many car enthusiasts dream of a place where they can not only leave their car in safety, but also enjoy some side activities. The majority of men perceive the garage as a personal area where they can do what they love, repair their car, do craft work, relax with friends, and so on. Anyone can try to build such a place on his own and we are going to tell you more about how to do it properly.

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1. Dimensioning

Construction of the garage begins with preparation. There are several steps you need to do before you start building it. But first you should answer the main question: why do you need a garage? Think about how you are going to use it, what you are primarily required for. This will determine the budget, the complexity of the construction, the material and the set of additional amenities. For the construction of the garage it is desirable to prepare a scheme beforehand. It will reflect the size of the box in the first place, which depends on the size and number of cars.

2. Preparing the foundation

The area where the construction will be carried out should be leveled. Then you should check the scheme with the dimensions and use stakes and rope to mark out the lines of the place where the construction will be located.

3. Choosing the materials

Experts advise settling on several options of the material: wood, brick, concrete or steel. Each material has its pros and cons, you need to choose one depending on your budget and the facade of the house. Note that steel is considered the easiest material to work with, however, bricks are the most solid and reliable. The most widely used type of foundation is a monolithic foundation made of stone and concrete mix.

4. Roof and floor installation

The roof is designed to protect your garage from the bad weather. However, installing a roof can often be rather challenging. The cheaper option is to used simple concrete slabs that are installed at an angle, down to the back of the garage. A more complicated variant is a triangular shaped roof with a small attic between the planes. In this case, you need to order wooden beams and install them on an already prefabricated ceiling plane.

5. Interior garage trim

In case you are only going to store your car in the garage and do nothing else there, it will be enough to grout the gaps between the bricks or blocks with mortar. But if you plan to use the garage as a studio, you should take care of the functionality of the space.

6. Door installation

When installing a standard gate, the first thing to do is to measure the door openings. Based on these measurements, the blanks are cut out. The main task is not to make a mistake in the dimensions and reliably lay the frame components on the base.

All that’s left to do is to insulate and finish the walls inside the garage, and then your dream garage is ready. We are sure that by following a clear plan you certainly can build it yourself.


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