Signs You Need Stucco Repair


One of the reasons property owners choose stucco has to do with durability. With proper installation and maintenance, the material can last 50 to 80 years, sometimes up to 100 years. When subjected to water and other extreme elements, stucco can deteriorate and require professional repairs to maintain your home’s curb appeal and integrity.  Be sure to check out great options like these stucco contractors for repair as soon as possible.

We understand that some homeowners may not be sure when to call their stucco contractors for repair. If you fall into this category, here are the warning signs you need stucco repair right away.

1. Large or deep stucco cracks

As stucco hardens, it shrinks, leading to hairline cracks. So these stucco cracks should not be a big concern. However, if you notice too many cracks wider than 1/16 inches.

Large cracks could be a sign of a structural issue. This is especially true if the cracks occur at the intersection of vertical walls and upper corners of door and window frames. Deep stucco cracks can occur due to weather, water damage, poor workmanship, improper framing, wrong mixing proportions, seismic movements, and more.

2. Heavy discolouration

One mistake homeowners usually make is that they opt to treat a stucco discolouration with a fresh coat of paint. Well, this is not a cosmetic issue that you can easily conceal. You will have to fix the problem leading to discolouration. Excessive discolouration may indicate moisture seeping through into the stucco surface.

Dampness is one of the worst enemies of your home foundation. It can even lead to mould growth. If you see black, brown, or green colours forming on your stucco, consider calling the experts to rule out that you do not actually need stucco repairs.

3. Stucco flaking off

Crumbling stucco is one of the signs you need stucco repair. Several factors can contribute to this material flaking off, including moisture infiltration, age, stress, pests, and impact accidents. The problem often requires immediate repair.

Otherwise, more water will find its way into the walls, wreaking havoc on your home exterior and foundation. Localized damage that could be professionally remedied can develop into a costly repair or replacement if ignored.

4. Moss growing on stucco

Like mould, moss also thrives in stucco wall areas or spots with moisture and shade. In most cases, moss develops along the base of walls. It can also form in the upper walls if water runs down them, perhaps due to leaking, clogged, or improperly installed gutters. But that happens when your stucco walls have cracks or tears.

Cracked spots are usually the last to dry out if exposed to water. Depending on the nature of the cracks, sealing or caulking could help fix the issue. Your stucco contractors will advise you on the best course of action after inspecting your building.

5. Soft or damp spots

If you press any area along your stucco wall and it feels soft to the touch or peels off, you are dealing with stucco damage. Indentations, also known as soft spots, signify a water infiltration problem. Repairing these areas should happen as soon as possible. If the issue affects a large section of your stucco, your repair contractor may recommend redoing the entire exterior.

6. Odd bubbles

Have you noticed some unusual bubbles forming around the bottom edge of your stucco walls? Unfortunately, you are staring at the signs of stucco damage. Water is probably leaking through the walls. You don’t want to give moisture a chance to worsen and spread damage, causing structural issues.

7. Missing or damaged caulking

You probably applied caulk to seal out moisture in specific areas of your stucco, especially around windows and doors. But when you check the caulked surfaces, maybe the caulking is starting to wear off or missing. It means the caulking is no longer effective at preventing moisture from penetrating your stucco walls. And it is a warning sign of existing damage.

If you notice any of the above stucco damage signs, do not hesitate to contact one of your experienced and trusted stucco contractors in the local area. Fixing the issues earlier can save you money in the long run.

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