Signs You Have a Drainage Problem


As a homeowner, you’ll always want to make sure that everything is functioning properly. This will mean taking a proactive approach to maintenance. Potential problems can be discovered early before getting out of hand. You could still encounter problems when you’re taking the necessary precautions. A problem with the drainage could potentially be disastrous. That is why you should know when there is an issue so that the right steps are being taken to remedy the situation. Here are some signs that you could be having a serious drainage problem in your home. If you are looking to overcome drainage problems prefer CCTV Drain Surveys in London which is the best option for your home.

Water Stains in the Basement

When you start seeing water on the base of your foundation, it is a sign that it could be coming from the house or the yard and you’d want to get the bottom of the problem as soon as possible. If it is high up on the foundation, there is a chance that the water could be coming from outside the house. The source could be the clogs in the soil or the gutters and it is important that you’re doing your homework to identify the issue so that the appropriate action is being taken. You can provide a solution by clearing the basement and investing in a sump pump. Alternatively, you can reach out to a plumber if you’re searching for a solution for blocked drainage London.

Standing Water In Your Yard

This is likely to happen after a heavy downpour. It is usually not a good sign and it portents a problem with the drainage. You don’t have anything to worry about if water covers your lawn for only a few hours. The problem will come in when it takes days for the puddles to disappear even when the sun has come out. The problem could get worse and you could be looking at a flooded basement simply because you ignored an obvious sign. Ideally, the yard should be able to shed the water into gutters and curbs. Such a design is purposely meant to channel the stormwater into the drains.

If you have a house that slopes from the features, you’re likely to run into problems. You can reach out to a drainage expert about the possibility of installing French drains to address such a challenge.

Cracks in the Foundation

It is normal to have thin cracks on the foundation after a while, especially if it is an old house. A gaping hole will be a cause of concern and it is vital that you’re identifying the reason for the problem. When you start noticing uneven flooring, this could be a sign that the structural integrity of the whole house could be in trouble. The deterioration of the foundation will allow for moisture to sip that could further compound the problem. It will be time to call an expert and you don’t want to wait another minute as you could be putting the whole family at risk. It might be challenging to get the right contractor to address the issue of drainage in your home.

Rain Gutters Overflow

The gutters are supposed to deflect the water away from the property. If they’re overflowing, it could mean damage to the fascia of the house. The water could also find its way to the basement and you might be looking at serious damages. A dirty gutter is usually the culprit. Such a problem can be avoided by ensuring that the gutter is always clean, especially for a place that receives a lot of rainfall. Make sure that you’re reaching out to a professional to assess the condition of the gutters.

Mildew Smell

This is another sign that will be hard to ignore. If your home smells like mildew, there is a high chance that it could be an issue with the drainage system. Moisture needs to drain properly, especially in crawl spaces. This will obviously be a challenge when there is an issue with the drainage. Reaching out to an expert is highly recommended as they’ll do the diagnosis to find out the root cause of the problem.

Drainage Systems

There is a guarantee that your drainage pumps are going to fail at some point and it is likely that it will happen when there is a storm. It is recommended that you’re filling the low spots in your yard before rain season approaches. The runoff water should be taken care of by the drainage system. Such work should be left to an experienced contractor if it is to be done up to standard.

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