Should You Use Night or Day Cleaning in Your Business


When hiring cleaners for your business, you must choose between night or day cleaning services.  It can be hard to determine which service is the best for your business.  To make this decision, you need to know what the benefits of each are and how they help your business. And visit the following link to contact the most reputable office cleaner sydney.

The Benefits of Night Cleaning

Having a commercial cleaning service that come in at night is ideal for many businesses. The primary benefit of this service is that cleaning will not interrupt your business operations. The cleaning crew will come in after hours and ensure that everything is done before your employees get in the next day.

This is a very important benefit because these interruptions can reduce overall productivity.  With night cleaning, your employees will not have to worry about vacuums going while they are on the phone.  They will also not have to worry about moving from their office or workstation when the cleaners are doing their job.

Another benefit of night cleaning is improved health and safety.  There are a lot of people who are affected by the dust that is generated during commercial cleaning.  In fact, around 20 million people are allergic to dust mites and this can cause coughing and sneezing while they work.

Commercial cleaners also use potent chemical cleaning products and sanitizers.  These products can cause irritation for some people which is something you do not want any visitors exposed to.  You also do not want the smell of these cleaners spreading through the office as people try to work.

When cleaning, commercial cleaners will often have safety gear such as gloves and goggles to meet OSHA standards.  This is something the rest of your employees will not have making daytime cleaning a safety risk.  You never have to worry about this when the cleaning of your office is done at night.  Your employees will not be affected by the cleaning and there will be no problems with health and safety.

The Benefits Of Day Cleaning

While night cleaning has a range of benefits, some businesses will benefit from day cleaning more.  One of the benefits of this cleaning is energy efficiency in your office.  As the cleaning staff are working during the day, you do not need the lights on overnight or maintain a comfortable temperature.  This will reduce the amount of energy your business uses reducing your costs and the impact your company has on the environment.

Another benefit of day cleaning is an enhancement to your night time security.  When you have cleaners come in at night, your building will not be as secure as it should be.  The cleaning company will need to have a way to get in which could result in them having a set of keys.  The entry and exit points of your building will also be less secure when the cleaners are working at night.

If you have a day cleaning service, your business will be locked up securely at night.  If there are and alarms, it will be clear that it is an intruder and not the cleaners knocking something over.  This is a major benefit if your business works with sensitive data.

The last benefit of day cleaning is the reduced turnover rate of cleaning staff.  This is important if you hire the cleaning staff yourself and not work with a commercial cleaning company.  While there are people who prefer to work in the solitude of night, most people find the night shift is not for them.

These people find working at night to be detrimental to their health.  Working at night can seriously affect sleeping patterns leading to medical conditions.  With this being the case, you could find you have a high turnover rate for cleaning staff.  Allowing the cleaners to work during the day instead will reduce this turnover rate because they do not have any of the negative aspects of working at night.

How To Choose

While it is important that you understand the benefits of day and night cleaning, it can be hard to choose the right option for your business.  It is important that you consider your business priorities and how the cleaning will impact this.  If your business has a lot of visiting customers or your employees handle a lot of calls, night cleaning might be better for you.  However, if you need the building to be secure at night, day cleaning might be the best option.

If you are working with a commercial cleaning company, you might be able to get the best of both worlds.  Many companies offer day cleaners who handle surface cleaning.  In the evening, they are replaced with night cleaners who handle the detailed cleaning.

It can be hard to choose between day and night cleaning for your business.  It is recommended that you consider the benefits of each before you make any decision and talk to your cleaning service.

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