Should You Replace Carpet Before Selling Your House?

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, you may be looking at your ‘home improvement list’ and wondering which items will yield the best return on your investment. You don’t want to improve everything before selling, just the bare minimum. But some updates offer more profit than others.

And with 80% of home buyers saying they prefer move-in ready homes, replacing carpet before selling is a critical step.

Flooring choices

If you’ve decided to say sayonara to dated, worn carpet – you have some choices. You can replace with new carpet, or you can spend a little extra and dramatically increase home value with LVT installation. However, if you’re replacing carpet in an area that needs noise reduction or comfort – neutral tones for carpet is a solid choice.

Maximizing profit before selling

Two established trends in modern home design are:

If you’ve made the wise choice of replacing carpet before selling your home but the last thing you need is to oversee a home improvement project and pay a large project cost – call Curbio. Curbio offers a pay-at-closing solution (seriously: no fees or interest) and streamlines the entire process so you can sell your home faster – for more. A lot more. Homeowners typically pocket an additional $50,000, so what are you waiting for? Get an estimate from Curbio today.