Should You Go With Custom or Prefabricated Cabinets?


If you’re thinking about construction or kitchen remodeling, choosing the right kitchen cabinet to install will be challenging. Cabinets will take too much space and will improve the mood in the house. With well-made Northern Prairie Cabinets,  your kitchen and home will be more comfortable.

When you decide to install the cabinets, you will choose between custom and prefabricated cabinets. Before choosing either, it is vital to know about the pros and cons to make the right choice.

Here is what you need to know about prefabricated and custom kitchen cabinets.

Prefabricated Cabinets

First, prefabricated cabinets are made in advance and bought by the consumer. Today, there are prefabricated cabinets that look like they are custom-built. If you’re looking to buy these cabinets, here are the advantages and disadvantages.


Quick Turnaround Time

Prefabricated cabinets will be ready to be bought, and you will install them faster. If you wish to get cabinets that can be constructed quickly, then these cabinets are the ones for you. Take your time and seek a supplier who will help in cabinet installation. Also, buy them from a reliable retailer.


If you’re looking for affordable cabinets, prefabricated cabinets are ideal. These cabinets are excellent for anyone who is cash-strapped.

Fast Installation

Since there are limited customized choices, you will install them quicker than custom cabinets.

Excellent Factory Finish

Most prefabricated cabinets you will come across will have a Factory Finish. This means they will be longer-lasting than other cabinets. Factory Finish cabinets are completed in a regulated atmosphere with several coats used.

These cabinets will come in various styles. Also, you can get them in different finishes, makes, and designs. It could either be made from solid wood or plywood. Some prefabricated cabinets will have unique features that include decorative qualities and wine racks. If you wish to redesign the cabinet, you can talk to the supplier and get it done. But you have to confirm if they provide the service.

Since most suppliers will use specialized software, they are ready to offer a presentation showing how the kitchen cabinets will be installed.


Limited Customization

Even though you can hire a reliable supplier to add unique features, getting customized options will be limited compared to custom cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are designed or made to suit your specifications. If you’ve been considering building your kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets should be your choice. But here are the advantages and disadvantages.



Custom kitchen cabinets can be functional for several years, and different generations can use them. You need to select high-quality materials and hire a well-known carpenter so that you can get custom cabinets.


Even though prefabricated kitchen cabinets will be available in many designs, choosing custom cabinets will let you decide what you want. You are not limited when it comes to style. The cabinets will be beautiful.

Top-notch Workmanship

With prefabricated kitchen cabinets, they will be ready-made for you. You will have to select one that is suitable for your home. The supplier can assist you in choosing appropriate materials for the custom kitchen cabinet. You don’t have to worry about the size.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Custom cabinets – just like the name, you have the chance to customize it and get the cabinets that you want. You could add any extra feature you want. For example, you add a bookshelf. If the kitchen doesn’t have enough space, custom cabinets will fit adequately as long as you plan the project.


Long Turnaround Time

Custom cabinets have to be built, bearing in mind your specifications. So, this means the cabinets will take a longer time to get completed and installed correctly. If they are made to perfection, you will be happy to see the outcome. After all, it is the cabinet that you’ve always wanted.

Can be Expensive

With custom cabinets, they can be expensive because they will depend on the design and the materials required. You will get excellent value for your money. Also, since you will pick top-notch materials, the custom kitchen cabinet will be durable.

Which Type Do You Prefer?

Whatever you choose, you will be happy. Since everyone is different, most people will choose the one that’s best for them. As a customer, it is essential to work closely with the supplier and installer to ensure everything goes smoothly. You need to be updated about the project when it’s still ongoing.

In the end, you want the kitchen of your dreams.

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