Should You Consider Using Stone for Your Walls?

Ceramics, wallpaper, concrete for the popular industrial look, tiles, paint in classic plain or vibrant colors, and natural stone are some wall covering materials available. Although paint is a popular material for wall covering, natural stone wall cladding is becoming more popular due to its superior qualities.

Should you think about using stone on your walls? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using natural stone for your walls? Let us investigate!

But before we get to your home’s exterior wall, read about the history of drywall and sheetrock, which are used as interior walls, first!


Numerous types of natural stone are commonly used on the exterior. One of them is andesite, which is popular for its superior resistance to tropical weather.

Andesite is free of mildew and mold. This would be favorable for homeowners because they would not have to regularly apply an extra coating to the wall to prevent mildew and mold.

Come In Various Patterns and Colors

There are numerous options for finishing and styling when it comes to stone cladding, whether artificial or natural. There are a variety of patterns and colors to match your home decor, ranging from deep onyx to sophisticated marble.

Make a two-tone scheme for a fascinating look, or send a message with contrasting colors to improve the visual appeal of your home. You can also mix and match natural stones to give your walls a unique and personalized look.


a bathtub and shower in a bathroom with stone walls

Some natural stone is appropriate for areas that are frequently wet or damp. Other types, such as basalt, readily absorb humidity, encouraging moss growth. Choose an appropriate natural stone and place it where it belongs.


You can use stone cladding for various purposes both inside and outside your home. Slate wall cladding in the living room, for example, adds depth and warmth, whereas black granite wall cladding in your bedroom adds texture. Rock wall cladding on the exterior wall of your patio adds drama, while marble wall cladding at the home’s entrance makes a great first impression on guests.

Hassle-free Installation

Typically, natural stones are cut into slabs. At the moment, the edging of each slab is becoming more precise, allowing for a cleaner appearance and easier installation. Larger slabs of granite or marble are also available. Although they may be more expensive, larger slabs are easier to apply and maintain.

Boost Property Value

Natural stone is an excellent investment for increasing the value of your home, whether it is used for wall cladding or flooring. When you sell the property, you will receive a good return on your investment.

Natural stones have unrivaled longevity because they are less prone to damage and more durable than other wall cladding materials. Buyers prefer housing with natural stone elements because of this.

A Fresh Ambience

You can use marble, granite, or travertine walls to create a fresh and natural atmosphere in a house interior. This impression may be appropriate for the bathroom to boost the experience of being connected to nature while bathing. These materials can also be used as a feature wall in the living room or as an exterior accent element.

Dampen Sound

Stone wall cladding acts as an insulator and muffles outside noise. You can use stone’s natural sound-dampening properties to keep your bedroom quiet or prevent your neighbor’s loud music from affecting your sleep.

Timeless Impression

the exterior of a house with stone walls

Natural stones, in addition to their natural appearance and luxury, can convey a timeless impression. This material was used during the Roman Empire and retained its beauty. Natural stones, such as marble, have uniform properties, allowing them to be polished numerous times and still appear new.

Simple to Clean

Stone wall cladding is simple to care for. Lasting stains are uncommon. Using a soft brush and a mixture of dishwashing solution and water, clean the crannies, nooks, and intricate designs on the stone tiles. Dusting is sufficient for routine cleaning.

Embarks Light on the Walls

Not every other tile you’ll come across will add a sense of natural light to your wonderful home. However, in the case of natural stone cladding, the table undoubtedly turns to a large extent. The tiles, in this case, are reflective and will reflect light throughout your offices/homes.

As a result, you don’t need to turn off lights during the day because these material tiles are adequate.


Natural stones are expensive, so it stands to reason that stone wall cladding will also be. However, because it requires no ongoing maintenance, such as sanding and painting, it is a cost-effective addition to any home that raises its value.

Stone cladding can be used to transform your walls. This versatile installation accentuates your dull walls with beautiful stones and improves your property’s visual appeal and aesthetic. When you add stone cladding, you can be confident that it will provide a better value for money, last for years, and help you save money on your energy bills.

Comes at a Higher Cost

a gray and brown stone wall

Natural stones are more expensive than other wall coverings because they are natural resources only available in certain geographical areas. Specific marbles, such as those from the Carrara region, can command exorbitant prices.

Tend to Be Heavy

Natural stones are solid materials with consistent properties. Natural stones are heavier due to their porosity, making them heavier than some other wall cladding, such as tiles or timber. Natural stone wall cladding installation requires careful weight distribution due to its weight.

Things to Consider While Picking Wall Cladding Stones

Choose Stones to Complement Your Property

Wall cladding stones can give your property a rustic appearance or improve its appeal. A beautiful natural stone can also improve the strength and longevity of your wall’s exterior, increasing its overall value.

Stones can also give a home a modern or traditional look, depending on your preferences. To increase the home’s value, consider using complementary stone wall cladding.

Maintenance Factor

Natural stones require little maintenance, but a few may require routine care to keep their natural sheen. Consider this factor when choosing wall cladding stones for your project to save time and money in the future.

Style and Finishing Options

Natural stone wall cladding adds a unique character touch when precisely fitted and planned. For example, at the entrance, you can display stone wall cladding 3D effects or envelop a  living room in slate stone in a vertical linear style. You can create a custom stone wall cladding pattern for the TV area.