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I didn’t think it could be done, but Mark Rosen has outdone himself once again with the Shark Lift-Away vacuum.  He has taken his already best on the market vacuum the Shark line offers and made it better and less expensive than his major competitor.

The newest line of Shark Navigator vacuums have basically the same standard features of the comparable Dyson model, but the Lift-Away is lighter weight, quieter, and more portable.  You get all of these at half the cost of a Dyson.  They are also great for many different uses such and can be the best vacuum for pet hair, kitchens and more.

As I have mentioned before, vacuuming is not the most fun task around the house, but it certainly has to be done.  So why not do the best and easiest job you can when you are forced to clean your house.  Not just your floors but your whole house.  Read on, and I’ll tell you how.

What to look for when you buy a Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Deep cleaning and no loss of suction are the minimal requirements of a vacuum cleaner.  The Shark Lift-Away takes those necessities steps further by adding a safer environment with its completely sealed system, ease of maneuvering utilizing swivel steering, and adding lightweight portability maximizing efficiency in vacuuming without breaking your back.

  • No Loss of Suction
  • Completely Sealed System
  • Lift away to make portable vacuuming easy
  • Swivel steering
  • Deep Cleaning
  • No Loss of Suction

Typically the primary villain in vacuuming is losing suction power.  The Shark Navigator Lift-Away displays its strength in this category by testing it with six months’ worth of fine dirt still in the cup and still is able to suction 16 billiard balls with force. Part of this technology is accomplished with the completely sealed system incorporated into the machine.

Completely Sealed System

Like most modern vacuums, the Lift-Away contains a Hepa filter, but the Shark tandems that with its Completely Sealed System technology.  Meaning, as dirt and debris are suctioned in it keeps the dust and allergens inside the machine only filtering out clean air.

It has been scientifically proven by the British Allergy Foundation that it traps 99.99% of dander and allergens.  This keeps you from being exposed to those particles being released in the room you are vacuuming.

Lift away to make portable vacuuming EasyShare Lift-Away

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to vacuum above the floor, and most vacuums don’t offer that convenience.  The Lift-Away is just that, easy to pop on and off of the base with just a click of a button you’ll get the option to carry the lightweight portion around harder to reach areas of the room with the quick release wand.

Other vacs that offer this are typically quite heavy to lug around.  The Shark Navigator Lift-Away only weighs 12 pounds and can be held with one finger.

Don’t worry about losing suction when you are in portable canister mode.  It has the same no loss suction that you get when the unit is attached.

Swivel steering

You won’t need a ball to reach under beds, tables or maneuvering around furniture with this swivel steering.  You will also save yourself a few minutes by not having to move furniture to get around carpets and floors.

Deep Cleaning

The Shark has been proven to pick up two times deeper cleaning carpets than its competitor.  As with the Shark Navigator NV22L, the same brush roll-off technology is present in the lift away model.

Again, pet hair has no chance with the standard Pet hair turbo brush in action. The completely sealed system keeps the dander and allergens inside the machine. Pet hair removal is simple because all of the vacuumed hair goes right into the cup instead of getting stuck in the brush roll, more information you can read in this site.

And speaking of the dust cup, it has an easy and fasts empty with just a push of a button.

How much should you expect to pay?

The most consistent pricing we found for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is on Amazon who consistently offers it at the $169.99 price.

What comes shipped in the box?

  1. The Shark Navigator Lift-away vacuum
  2. Onboard crevice tool attachments
  3. An additional 24” crevice tool
  4. The Pet hair turbo brush

Warranty information

This Shark Navigator comes with a five-year warranty on the suction and the standard Lifetime warranty against belts and filters.

What others are saying about Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Over 90% of all online customers have given this vacuum a 5-star rating.  Here are some quotes from their reviews.

“was easy to put together with just a few clicks, no tools required.”

“This vacuum works magic on pet hair.”

“I cannot believe how much dog hair it picked up. Excellent vacuum and well worth the price.”

“The removable wand and canister mode is awesome; I can clean the stairs and edges of carpets, nooks and crannies so easily it’s actually fun to vacuum. I thought the swivel head was just a gimmick at first, but after using it, I really like it.”

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