Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Why All the Fuss?


Shaker kitchen cabinets are perennial favorites for homeowners across the country, and for a good reason. They provide designers a fresh background to piece together any layout they can dream up. With their versatility, flowing lines, and sleek appearance, they fit into any format. Quality varies widely, though, and you will want to be careful you don’t end up with cheap versions of Shakers. Let’s break through the noise and find out what the fuss is about.

The Fundamentals of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are a common addition to today’s kitchen remodels and upgrades, thanks to the lasting and sleek look they provide to traditional and modern layouts. The circling back to minimalism is one cause as to why Shaker-style cabinets are so prevalent in many remodeling projects.

 The typical Shaker-style cabinet door is a five-piece cabinet with rails, stiles, a recessed center section, and no edge trim. This multi-piece door complements a multi-piece drawer front, leading to an attractive, inviting look. Since Shaker doors work well with traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchen styles, they can blend seamlessly into your scheme. The cabinetry categories for Shaker doors are inset, standard, and full overlay choices. 

Inset cabinets provide crisp lines and uniform inset cabinet doors. In this category, the cabinet doors and drawers rest inside of the face frame openings. 

In a standard Shaker kitchen cabinet, the cabinet door and drawer faces are more expansive than the openings, barely covering the face frame. Standard overlays are more tolerant with different door and drawer positions.

Meanwhile, in a full Shaker cabinet, the door and drawer faces are larger than the openings and overlay the face frame, causing a small reveal.

What is the background of the term Shaker-style?

Shaker-style cabinets were first constructed by the Shaker group, a devout religious community with substantial carpentry skill sets, more than 200 years ago. The Shakers were committed to minimalism, function, and dependability, and they infused these characteristics into their approach to carpentry and cabinet design. 

Shaker cabinets avoid ornate decorations and stylistic flairs but choose instead to keep them clean and uncomplicated. The fresh, crisp lines of Shaker cabinets flow well in industrial, modern, contemporary, and traditional kitchen layouts: basically, in any design scheme. 

Are Shaker cabinets still a popular choice?

For years, Shaker cabinets have been at the top of the list for remodelers everywhere, and it looks like that ranking is not changing any time soon. Shaker kitchen cabinets are popular in everything from minor updates to complete kitchen overhauls. You can try out various combinations to fit your style with numerous hues, installing grey, dark, or white Shaker kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. Thanks to their adaptability, they will either stand out as centerpieces, highlight your star appliances, or complement counters and flooring perfectly. 

  • Shaker cabinets in modern layouts: Shaker cabinetry meshes well with modern kitchens because of its smooth and sophisticated lines and appearance. Cabinet hardware can transform the look spectacularly, as well. You can select finished wood or paint the cabinetry black, white, gray, blue, and more. You can trust reputable sellers to incorporate only the highest quality materials into their Shaker-style products, with top-notch models incorporating hardwoods like ash or walnut.
  • Shaker cabinets in transitional kitchens: You will find transitional kitchens often using Shaker-style cabinets because they help bridge the “transition” among traditional and modern kitchen features. While helping as a minor design detail, incorporating beveled edges can ensure that your timeless kitchen does not lean into the modern design category.
  • Shaker cabinets in traditional style kitchen layouts: Traditional kitchen layouts can infuse this fresh, crisp cabinet style in their scheme. The beveled edge will again help hold onto a timeless feel, as will a livelier wood finish or a paint hue from a cottage or farmhouse palette. Choosing antique or old-fashioned drawers and door hardware will also help to develop that traditional feel in your Shaker cabinets.

Where to Look for Only the Highest-Quality Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

You can find the ideal kitchen cabinet – color, style, and design – but end up despising it because it is made from inferior materials. As you begin your search, you can fine-tune it to look for the style, materials, and colors you need. 

You should be able to trust your kitchen cabinet seller, so you purchase high-quality cabinetry backed with a robust customer satisfaction policy and a dedicated customer service team. Visit Walcraft Cabinetry website and other highly-reviewed sites to find the Shaker cabinets you need.

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