Sealed and Secured: Tips In Packing Your Belongings When Moving Homes


Moving to a new home symbolizes a new beginning for yourself and your family. Moving provides a new opportunity for you to pursue greener pastures. It is an opportunity to not only better yourself but also your lifestyle.

When you move, you bring your household items with you. Packing your belongings is the most tedious part of the moving process. It entails a lot of planning, checking, and listing. You need to plan how to pack the items, check the materials used, and list the items needed to be packed.

List All The Items To Be Packed

Listing the household items you’ll bring to your new home is the first thing you must do. It must indicate what items to bring, the quantity, and if the item is fragile.

Having this list helps determine which items in your homes are essential and need to be brought, which can be donated, and which ones need to be thrown away. Nothing will be misplaced, and all items in your current home will be well accounted for.

Moreover, this list will make packing and moving much easier and quicker. You won’t need to take note of the recently packed item while packing other things.

Still, if you want to ensure your items are well-packed, you can get professional help. You can hire professional removals with Fox Removals; they offer the best services fit for your needs. They’re perfect for a smooth packing process.

Prepare Your Packing Tools

As preparation, all the tools and equipment you’ll be using in the packing process must be already available. Here are the tools or equipment you’ll need:


The first tool that you need to have are quality moving boxes. Using cardboard boxes from friends, family, and work is very tempting. Unfortunately, wear, exposure to moisture, and bug infestation compromise these cardboard boxes, making them unreliable. You need to use quality ones since they’re not that expensive and are not likely to fall apart during the moving process.

Ideally, it would be best to use uniform-size boxes, as they are easier to carry and stack. They can easily be arranged in the moving truck to have more space for the other items that can’t be boxed. Uniform-size boxes also help in keeping the stack stable throughout the moving process.

However, there are circumstances where you need to use other box sizes. The box you’re using must be the correct box for the items you’re packing. Place heavier items in smaller boxes to prevent the box from falling apart due to its weight. In contrast, lighter items can be placed in bigger boxes so that more items can fit.


Seal and secure the boxes before you stack them in the moving truck. Using suitable tape is essential. You’ll need something that doesn’t tear easily and doesn’t lose its adhesion quickly. The correct tape ensures that the items you’ve placed inside the boxes will not spill over and be broken.


You can easily carry light and smaller boxes toward the moving truck. However, you’ll need a dolly to transport the bigger, heavier boxes and furniture. Using the dolly transports your household items efficiently and saves you a lot of time. It also prevents physical exhaustion, as you don’t need to exert too much strength when using the dolly to carry household items.

Categorize The Items

Using the list of household items you’ve made, you can now categorize them. Categorizing ensures that you bring all desired items. It also helps separate items that shouldn’t be in the same box, like food and detergents or paints and clothes. You can also bundle your fragile and valuable items together when you categorize them.

In addition, categorizing helps you plan the placement of items in the moving truck. You’ll know which group of boxes should be placed at the bottom and which box should be placed at the top. It helps prevent the breakage of fragile and valuable items that you own.

Label Every Box

It would be easier not only before you move but also after you move if you placed labels in every box that you’ve packed. When they have labels, you’ll immediately know what items are in there or where to place a specific box in your new home.

It would also save you time unpacking since you’ll know which box to open first. You don’t need to guess which box contains which item. You can avoid having a mess in your new home by having stacked, sealed, and labeled boxes of house items instead of opened, unlabeled boxes of household items lying around.

Final Thought

Packing the household items that you’ll bring when you’re moving into a new home is a tedious task. However, with the help of these packing tips, the process can be made easier and quicker. Much more convenient for you since you can move to your new home knowing that your packed items are sealed and secured.

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