Scribing Made Effortless with Wafer Dicing Services!


Handheld scribing tools might seem like a thing of the past given the successful rise of simplified yet highly efficient and partly automated scribing solutions of today.

However, a dedicated preference to a wafer dicing services by home project maestros, model builders, or panel scribing, shows the value of convenient and quick handheld scribers.

Plastic scribers are compact pieces of equipment that offer one straightforward function, to scribe clean and clear lines on plastic substrates. Its sharp blades require less effort to cleave the substrate along the scribed line.

Over time, plastic scribers were undermined and overshadowed by the need to scribe various forms of metals for various industries. While the underlying principle remained the same, plastic scribers gave way to scribing tool for metals capable of scribing plastic, glass, silicon, and other tough materials.

The need for precision in scribing tools

Scribing is a process where a mark or line gets made on the surface of a given material along which it will be broken down.

This material or substrate could be an expensive one, with no room for mistakes and wastage. And you have to scribe out irregular shapes from the material without causing particle contamination while ensuring a perfect scribe line.

The foremost element you will need in a scribing tool is precision. A scriber without the functionality of making a clean scribe line is useless.

Besides, your business depends on the quality of work doled out by the tools you employ. These tools complement your skills and efforts, enhancing the result and furnishing a stable ROI on your investment.

When you have a scribing tool that offers convenient accuracy, scribing becomes effortless. You don’t have to waste time or resources in physically cutting the material. The damage caused to the material is greatly reduced thereby increasing business productivity through faster sample preparation.

Metal scribing tools worth your investment

It is an exhausting task to filter through the numerous scribing tools available in the market and picking the best one suited to your business needs.

When you consider product reviews, along with some industrial research for good quality scribing tools, a name that will unconditionally present itself is LatticeGear.

Their repository of flagship models incorporates innovative approaches towards resolving scribing situations in a fluid, efficient manner and at affordable costs. From FlipScribe systems to Scribing & Cleaving tools and kits, Glass and Sapphire cleaving, Frontside scribing tools, and more, there is a solution for every type of engineering project.

Here is a better look at the functions of a few LatticeGear scribing tools to help you understand how efficient the process becomes with innovative features.


The latest addition to the group is the FlexScribe offering flexibility in scribing. The equipment is easy to use, clean, and fast with no rulers or straight edges to mar your work samples. A tungsten carbide cutter scribes almost all materials with ease, be it tempered glass, silicon wafers, sapphire, III-V materials, and glass.


Handheld scribers possess a unique charm, not all can relate to. The LatticeScriber is the ultimate companion for swift and clean wafer scribing with its 8-point diamond tip.

Carbide cutter – General purpose

If you are seeking a scribing tool with features specialized for multiple purposes, the General-Purpose carbide cutter is your go-to solution. It works well on crystalline materials from thin glass (0.3-1.5mm), hard glass (0.3-6mm), silicon, and more.

Laser Carbide cutter

A laser-cut tungsten carbide wheel furnishes high penetration and clean cuts, further made precise with a non-slip start. A trademark product, the Laser Carbide cutter excels in scribing glass of thicknesses up to 3mm, quartz glass, III-V, and silicon.

Laser Carbide cutter – Ultra-thin glass

A variant of the Laser carbide cutter, this cutter specializes in scribing ultra-thin glass with delicate yet accurate scribe lines without causing damage or contamination in the surrounding substrate.

Carbide cutter – Deep cutting

The Deep cutting carbide cutter is designed to scribe thick glass with thicknesses up to 10mm and silicon wafers off their crystal axis.

Final Thoughts

The best part about investing in tools from LatticeGear is their commitment to ensuring simplified experiences at cost-effective prices. Get in touch with the experts at 503-828-0040 to book your appointment or consult about further inquiries and concerns.

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