Scaffolding Safety Tips


You need to be cautious and alert when working on raised scaffolding. It is dangerous, and proper precautions need to be taken to ensure no mishap occurs. When safety practices and proper protocols are followed, working on a safe way scaffolding is safe and productive for any form of elevated construction. Many of the major accidents at construction sites, including scaffolding, occurs when the works get too complacent with following the proper safety instructions and manuals.

In this article, we will discuss some of the safety tips that would help you stay safe while working on a safe way scaffolding.

Be Prepared

Inspection of scaffolding in Cambridge is essential before using it. Thoroughly inspect the base of the level for any weakness or loose ends. It must be leveled appropriately against the building, especially if it is leaning on it. Check the guardrail and planks in the scaffolding before getting on the scaffolding, as it may result in a severe accident if they are not correctly fitted.


Only licensed workers should be allowed to work on scaffolding. Licensed workers are trained to work on scaffolding and know the precautions they need to take to avoid accidents and what needs to be done in case of emergencies. There are rogue employers out there who would accept the work from clients even when they are not licensed. Make sure to check the license of the people you hire and whether the workers dealing with scaffolding are licensed or not. When the workers who are not licensed work with the scaffolding, it puts them in danger and also the future occupants of the building.

Load Capacity

Every scaffolding structure is designed to hold and sustain a particular amount of weight. It is a common mistake that leads to most of the scaffolding accidents. Consider the number of people working on the scaffolding and the amount of load it can take. Overloading the scaffolding is not safe and can lead to collapse and fatal accidents. Check out to know more about how long does erecting scaffolding take.

Secure the Platform

Scaffolding is mostly attached to the building for stability and to sustain movements and weight. The entire structure can dismantle if the bracing is not correct, and there is too much movement, leading to an accident or reduced stability. Several locking systems are used for scaffolding and licensed workers to know which system to use depending on the scale and length of the construction. Experts recommend using only original parts supplied by the manufacturer for scaffolding, and any use of substitutes such as nails should be prevented.


The scaffolding structure should be adequately inspected before using and during different stages of construction to ensure everything is in order. Someone with the knowledge of scaffolding structure should check the construction of the scaffolding at regular intervals to ensure the board is in its place and the components are not damaged nor need replacement. It is essential for the safety and the structural integrity of a scaffolding structure.


One of the most obvious tips for using scaffolding properly is to know how to use it and understand the balancing techniques when on it. Know how to balance yourself on the scaffolding structure and stay alert at all times.


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