Safety Tips for Replacing A Patio Table Glass


A glass table top is said to be tempered if it has gone through a particular heating procedure to make it sturdier than regular glass. Tempered glass does occasionally break or crack, however, this is rare. You must order a replacement table top that is not already in stock because manufacturers temper glass after it is cut to size. You must give the glass business specific information and specifications when placing your purchase.

Why Do Patio Glass Table Tops Shatter?

A tabletop made of glass that was not made well is more likely to break than glass that was made well. However, there are two main causes of patio glass table tops breaking, namely direct collision and severe weather. The poorer glass tabletop is less durable and could have flaws. When hit, this reason has the potential to break your glass top.  In addition, you must consider factors before replacing a broken glass top of the patio table.

Similar to extreme weather, your glass can be harmed by hail, storms, and subfreezing temperatures. Always choose high-quality glass for patio tables to avoid having to repair the tops, and when it’s too cold outside or the patio table isn’t in use, try to put the glass pieces in the garage or storeroom. If you want to protect your patio’s furniture from hail, you can check out our tips on How to Protect Your Patio Furniture from Hail Damage.

Safety Tips For Replacing A Patio Table Glass

  1. On a piece of printer paper, sketch the outline of your tabletop (this will come in handy if you need to scan or fax the design). On your notepad, make a note that the plan is for a tabletop. Make sure the sketch is detailed and large. For neatness, trace the lid of a coffee can or use a ruler. Round, square, rectangle, oval, and octagon are typical shapes for glass tables, however, most glass companies can reproduce any shape.
  2. Indicate the measurements in inches. Write the math down as 28 1/2 inches by 28 1/2 inches, for instance, if the table top is 2 feet, 4 1/2 inches square.
  3. Indicate the necessary tabletop thickness.
  4. Indicate if you want clear or tinted tempered glass when placing your purchase. Light green, light gray, dark gray, and bronze are some common shades.
  5. Request a specific edgework and specify that all edges must be finished. Glass producers never deliver tempered glass to a customer that has dangerously sharp edges. But if you don’t specify, they’ll probably ship the glass with a seamed edge, which is free and secure to hold but unsuitable for a table. Order a more polished edge, like a glossy or satin “pencil grind,” which are both slightly rounded, aesthetically pleasing, and secure.
  6. If necessary, indicate the location and diameter of a hole. Show, for instance, where the umbrella pole would go in a patio set outside.
  7. Add a broken line to the drawing to represent the table’s foundation or frame and to indicate where the glass is placed.
  8. To order glass, get in touch with a store.

Patio Table Ideas For Glass Replacement

Due to their placement outside, the glass tabletops on patios are vulnerable to damage. Patio glass can fracture or break for a variety of reasons, and it is not practical to safeguard them. If you have a cracked or shattered patio glass tabletop at home, don’t be concerned. Here are some brilliant patio table glass replacement ideas that can help you maintain your outdoor furniture attractively and functional. Here are some suggestions to help your outdoor patio table last a long time because we care about our readers.

1. Use Plexiglass As A Replacement

The replacement plexiglass glass for patio table tops might be the ideal fix for cracked, fractured, or broken patio tops. You can replace the glass on your patio table with plexiglass to prevent any form of cracks. It is a fantastic replacement option that is strong enough to resist the force of impact. Because the plexiglass sheets are 17 times harder than regular glass, it takes much more energy to break or shatter them. The best penetrating choice is provided by the plexiglass sheet’s nature, which also lengthens the life of your outdoor furniture.

2. Frosted Glass Tabletop for Patio Replacement

A damaged patio table top implores you to fix it and requests a replacement. A patio table made of frosted glass can be a beautiful addition to your home and give it a more opulent look. Such a choice enhances the appeal of your outdoor furniture by adding a touch of personal design.

3. Tempered Glass Replacement For Better Safety

Patio furniture must be made with tempered or heat-strengthened glass since it is more durable (4 times more impact-resistant) and, most importantly, safer than annealed glass. Building rules require tempered glass for any applications (such as shower enclosures, patio doors, and patio furniture) where shards of potentially lethal shattered glass can be dangerous. Safety should always be your top priority when choosing the glass. For this reason, tempered glass should always be used for patio furniture. 

Glass is durable (when tempered), hygienic, and simple to maintain, although it fractures relatively infrequently. The homeowner is the biggest offender because they neglect to take down the umbrella in advance of a storm, which allows the glass to be blown by the wind onto the tiled or concrete patio floor. Because it is so resilient, tempered glass can even endure being struck by a hammer! Tempered glass is therefore a great option for patio furniture because it won’t break quickly and presents little danger to using it.

How To Secure A Glass Patio Table Top

The next crucial step is to secure the glass tabletop once you have purchased it for your patio table. Using self-adhesive bumpers and other hardware, you may secure your patio glass top. A semi-permanent fix is provided by the self-adhesive bumpers, which resemble rubber discs and feature adhesive on both sides. To secure your glass over the patio table, you can also seek for a range of mirror and glass mounting clips. Flexible silicone glue or polyurethane adhesive are options for securing a glass tabletop over a wooden, metal, or glass foundation permanently. 

In Conclusion

The patio table may be harmed by a direct blow or severe weather. Installing tempered glass or plexiglass material for the patio table is necessary to prevent such damages. Compared to other glass materials, a tempered glass or plexiglass tabletop is stronger and extends life and durability.

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