Safety Tips For Online Dating: Stay Safe & Calm


Speed dating or meeting someone randomly has always been a part of dating culture. With the advent of the internet, online dating has redefined the concept of dating, making it even easier to meet someone and hookup. Definitely, online dating isn’t only about finding someone to fulfill one’s sexual desires. With it, you can find someone you may love and even marry. However, no matter what online dating sparks in you, you should be aware of how to be safe. Why is it so important?

Online dating has become a tool for good and bad deeds as people don’t pursue something good all the time. It’s about a chance who you’ll meet in cyberspace, and the same applies to real dating as well. However, internet dating is something vulnerable to bad intentions. So, the more carefully you approach dating, the better outcomes you may expect from such dating. Have a glance at the following dating safety tips you should always keep in mind.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Why is the safety of online dating critical? First of all, being safe is about keeping your finances safe. Secondly, it’s about your personal safety. Finally, it’s about avoiding wasting your time in vain without jeopardizing anything. Before delving into tips on how you can be safe online, be sure that you’re not naïve. If you are too gullible, online dating experience may turn out to be something disastrous for you. Again and again, don’t forget that online dating platforms can be full of people having malicious intentions.

Your research is your friend and saver

If you have met an elegant lady online and her full name is Jessica Brighton (just to exemplify), you need to find some information about her on google. Be sure that she is the one who represents herself online. Thus, you need to spend some time to find out whether your Jessica is real Jessica. One of the common mistakes people dating online make is not being aware that users can lie and pretend to be someone else. Don’t forget that not every dating platform entails long procedures to verify the identities of online participants.

Be careful with what type of information you provide

Online dating passes through several stages, and one of the main ones is to create a profile page where you’ll write about yourself. For example, there can be people who will give their personal telephone numbers, which is not a good idea. You’d better avoid providing too personal stuff, and what’s more, do not mention how much you earn as the numbers indicating money serve as bait for bad people.

Have a video call before you even attempt to meet your date

Once you’re about to move on with the one you’re dating, be sure you know her in the face. To do so, you don’t need to meet as there’s always an alternative like a video call. So, be sure that you can compare the person you’ll meet with the photos she has provided. It’s quite common that people will want you to get attracted by appealing photos.

You should have the number of the person you want to meet

No matter which online dating site you’re using, be sure that before you even meet, you have the contact details of that person. Like in old times, try to message through telephone as this will be helpful. Many fake profiles online will refuse to give their real numbers making up so many excuses. So, if the one refuses to give her contact details after you have spent lots of time online, it can be a small signal that this person is not for you at all.

You should choose public places to meet

Alas, it can happen that you come across some news following unsuccessful dating. So, you should have a date somewhere at a public place. No matter how you may like the person, online dating is limited to screens, but in real life, things get different. Thus, when you arrange your first meeting, be sure you’re doing it in public or well-known places. This will be great for you and your date.

Tell someone else about your date

If you have planned a real date, make sure that someone you trust is aware of that. If something goes wrong, it should be your first emergency. Given the fact it’s your first real meeting, you should be prepared for everything, and of course, expectations can be totally different, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for something bad. Thus, it’s highly recommended that your venue should be known by someone who is close to you.

You can be drunk with people you trust 100%

Another common mistake people regret is that they get drunk on the first date, which can turn out to be something terrible to do. For example, there have been cases when people got drunk and were robbed. So, in order to avoid such things in the future, you’d better be sober all the time on your date.

Online Dating Safety Tips: how to detect bad people online

Not every person that tickles your fancy can gain your trust, and thus, you should be careful when you’re about to meet someone. So, before you arrange something serious, be sure you are to meet a nice person. Here are some features of people you should avoid:

  • they can ask for financial help by making up different excuses;
  • they can claim to have higher education but will speak inconsistent English;
  • they can directly ask your address or other sensitive information;
  • they can try to sell something irrelevant to online dating;
  • they can overcompliment you and do everything to attract your attention;
  • they can tell suspicious stories as if you were chatting with someone else;
  • they can give vague answers to some specific questions;
  • they can disappear out of sudden and reappear again;
  • they can ask many questions regarding your salary;
  • they can start a conversation about intimacy and relevant stuff.

All in all, suspicious profiles are those you should avoid interacting with. If it happens to come across one of such profiles, don’t hesitate to block them and complain to the administration of the site. To get the best results from online dating and avoid facing scams or fake profiles, you should discover a reliable platform that you can trust. Make sure to sign up with trustworthy dating sites. Blogs like review the best of the free and paid dating sites.

Bottom line

Online dating safety tips are important to bear in mind as you never know what may happen while dating online. Your preparation for an online venture will determine how successful it will be. Your love story may be the greatest and the most incredible one, just make sure you follow the laws of reason.

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