Safety Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Room


There is no greater priority than ensuring your child’s safety. Your child deserves the world, and a safe room is the least you can give them. That doesn’t mean you can’t provide fun and safety with their room decor.

Designing your child’s room can be both creative and rewarding. It’s a mistaken belief that decorating your kid’s room has to be expensive. With a little imagination, you can effectively create a secure and playful haven.

Child-Proof The Furniture

Make sure you pick furniture with rounded corners. What’s more frightening than your child finding sharp objects? They hurt themselves with it. That’s why you need to find furniture with smooth, rounded edges. The budget option here is to add a soft bubble-wrap padding on the corner.

You can also secure the furniture to the wall with a furniture anchor. They’re typically used in the event of earthquakes. You can secure the furniture to the wall, so it doesn’t move easily. Do this with heavier pieces like armoires, dressing tables, or beds.

Don’t place the bed near the window, under cabinets or shelves. Avoid placing the bed near heavy-duty electricals like radiators and appliances.

Using Easy To Clean Materials

If you’re buying anything for your child, focus more on how durable it is. Everything from the furniture to toys will experience rough handling. They need to be made of sterner stuff to come out of this unharmed.

Invest in soft and machine washable rugs and carpets. Between the stains and rough use, you’ll thank yourself in the future. You can even paint furniture if you want to go the themed route for decorating.

Hide the Electricals

Ensure you don’t leave any wires loose. You can secure them to the wall with staples or tape. Put away appliances after use, so your child doesn’t trip over cords. Use safety plugs to plug any outlets.

You should keep any gadgets out of reach of children. You can use a line of potted plants to create distance from radiators.

Wall Decor for Kids

This can be the fun part of decorating your child’s room. If you want to create a textured look, you should look at sheepskin rugs, throw pillows, tall cushions, and macrame. Soft textiles in bright colors are the way to go.

You can also use beautiful wall art for your kid’s room. You can choose custom pieces that make your child happy. Another take is to use a gilded frame to display your child’s art. You can switch out any old artwork for their latest masterpiece. You can use floating shelves anchored by brackets for displays. You can store books, their trophies, or previous artwork they made.

Wall Decor for Kids

Wall murals can be a fun interlude for your child. You can create a mural on a single wall. These murals can focus on their favorite cartoons, characters, or shows. You can also create an aesthetic separation in their room by creating a forest on the lower third of the wall. You can draw animals and characters to make it a friendlier space.

Switching to Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

An often ignored element to keeping your little ones safe is cleaning products. You can look into eco-friendly alternatives to chemical cleaning products. Look for non-toxic cleaners that don’t pollute the environment. You can also look at creating your own homemade cleaner through online videos. A word to the cautious, don’t mix existing cleaning products. The resultant fumes can sometimes create toxic fumes and gas.

If you want to reduce waste generation, you should look into buying reusable microfiber towels. You can simply use them and throw them into the washing machine. However, if you’ve been using them as rags, it’s better to soak in hot water. Follow this up by hand washing them in detergent.

These tips should help you curate a safe room for your child. There are some things you can’t compromise. Your child’s safety and wellbeing are at the top of that list. We hope this list can help you rethink a few things when it comes to your child’s safety.

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