Safeguard your beautiful home from the nuisance of pests

As a homeowner, we all want our homes to be spick and span always. But, still, somehow, a few menaces manage to ravage our peace of mind. Yes, we are talking about the horrible nuisance of pests. While some pests remain with peace and do not run about the house harming us, but some are very notorious. The Environmental Pest Control Inc will be the superhero you need in your life when you feel the need to get the pests and mice in control.

Keep an eye out for signs

The biggest rewarding (and a tad bit maddening) step you can take in having those nuisances in check is lookout for early signs of pest infestation. This step has enigmatic importance as it helps you detect the issue in its early stage. In return, you get the time to take appropriate action against the horror of pest control.

Check out the following to be alert about warning signs of pest control:

  • Damages fabric is the most evident proof of pest infestation.

  • Weird sounds and smell is another significant indication of the menace we are talking about.

  • Scratches and gnaw marks in the walls or floor, and cardboard boxes indicate to pests.

  • Gnaw marks on electrical wires in your home also points the finger at the pests.

  • Are you suddenly noticing damaged leaf on your beloved plants? It might be the doing of pests nesting in your home.

  • Dead bugs and active sightings of nesting is the most apparent proof of pests.

Be alert, and you will be able to squash the troublemaker before it becomes a huge problem.

Types of pests that can haunt you

The list of harmful pests includes several specific species of rodents and insects that harm human and domestic animals alike. Like us, they too lookout for their survival. As soon as they see an opportunity of food, water, and shelter in our home, they trot into our space.

Know your intruders

  • Bed bugs

  • Cockroaches

  • Ants

  • Rats

  • Termites

  • Mosquitoes

  • Stink bugs

  • House flies

  • And even raccoons!

The importance of pest control

Let’s be honest; no one likes to live with annoying damage creating nuisances in their home, but not everyone has the professional affinity to exterminate them independently. Moreover, we have jotted down a few other reasons why you need to hire Environmental Pest Control INC:

  • Pests can be a threat to you and your health. They can invite serious health risks.

  • They can wreak havoc on your stylish clothes and belongings.

  • Hiring pest control once in a while will not harm you as it keeps your home clean and sterilized.

  • You can duck the possibility of more significant damage in the future.

  • Let’s face it, half of all the DIY ideas either are temporary or DO NOT WORK!

When you decide to run your house through pest control, you do not only defeat those dangerous monsters but, at the same time, you make sure that you and your family are safe from their evil plans. All those expensive stylish clothes will be safe in the cupboard too!

A few dos and don’ts while using pest control resources

  • Keep the children, elders, and pets away while the experts are at work.

  • Use chemicals approved for use in homes.

  • Apply chemical pesticides to target areas only. Do not spray over the whole room, or use fogging devices only when deemed fit.

  • Always read the instructions before using the pesticides yourself.

  • Do not store leftover pesticides.

  • Do not use outdoor chemicals inside your home.

  • Do not overuse the products.

A few preventive measures

Although we cannot eliminate the chance of the pests visiting us uninvited, we sure can try out a few tricks to keep them away:

  • Make sure no food particles remain scattered around in your home.

  • Always store food in sealed containers.

  • Keep tightly covered trash cans handy.

  • Take out the garbage regularly.

  • Do not let water collect in and around your home.

  • Do not leave pet food and water out overnight.

  • Get rid of unwanted clutter.

  • Remove stacks of magazines, newspapers, or cardboard from home.

  • Close off cracks and holes.

  • Use steel wool to fill spaces around pipes.

  • Keep the holes covered with wire mesh.