Safe Flea Extermination Tactics For Dogs


Having fleas in your household is detrimental to your health and that of your furry friend. Lack of proper extermination methods can turn your home into a haven for these menacing pests, and the use of the wrong eradication techniques can further harm the entire household.

Some of the problems associated with having fleas are anemia and tapeworms.

There are several effective topical techniques approved by a vet for the proper extermination of fleas, and they include:

Ointments And Sprays

There are many products in the market, claiming to completely get rid of fleas but are not effective. These top flea control products are by far the best, yielding results in no time. The application of the ointments is renewable monthly to ensure your dog is protected all year long.

The use of the chemical kills the existing fleas in twelve hours, while new fleas that might have been collected from the surroundings are killed in less than two hours. The products are waterproof and are non- skin irritants, thus safe for your dog. The products are effective and cost-friendly since they not only get rid of fleas but any other parasites such as ticks that your dog may be having.

Flea Collars

The normal collar used on dogs can be substituted with flea collars that are efficient in getting rid of a flea infestation and start working within 24 hours with evident results in about three weeks. The collars have a mechanism that releases the pesticides periodically in controlled amounts.

Dogs love chewing items, and the necklace is one of the things they eat. Since the pesticides applied on the collar are fatal if ingested, it is necessary to adopt safety precautions to ensure your dog does not chew the collar. A recommended collar is coated with natural pesticides, adjustable, and fits the dog to prevent it from being taken off.

The necklace should be worn at all times to be effective since the fleas can attach themselves to the fur coat when the collar is taken off. A collar made from durable, waterproof material should be used because when wet, the flea collars lose their power and become less effective.


In addition to the topical treatment, oral treatments are available. Pills recommended by a vet; are ingested by the dog, and the treatment kicks in when the fleas bite the dogs, killing them instantly. Once taken, the pills are effective for several days or a month, depending on the plan you opted for. The tablets can be used hand in hand with supplements such as garlic, fish oils, and B-Vitamins that keep the dog strong and healthy and ward off the pests.

Regular Baths

Dogs should be cleaned once a week. More than once in a week baths can result in drying of the skin. The bath should be with warm soapy water and a shampoo that is not chemical-based. The soap and water are effective in killing the fleas.

Fleas are ectoparasites, and as the name suggests, they need a host for survival. The pesky little creatures are quite difficult to get rid of since they latch onto surfaces and wait for the opportune time to attack your pet.

In addition to these topical methods, other measures need to be put in place to get rid of the eggs the fleas had laid in crevices.

Other Ways Of Getting Rid Of Fleas

Prevention is better than cure, and since dogs cannot be tethered and locked up, they will bring fleas back from the outdoors. There is a need to ensure proper hygiene in the house to prevent flea infestation’s recurrence.

The following methods can be used in addition to the approved medication to get read of the fleas:

Washing All Beddings

Fleas can be embedded in the beddings, rugs, carpets, and any other clothing the dog may have come in contact with. Washing of these items kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae. The chemicals in the detergent, the agitation in the washing, and drying minimizes the chance of survival of the fleas. This method is only effective for a small scale infestation. Other chemical methods need to be used.

Vacuum Surfaces In The House

With the dog moving around the house, fleas are bound to spread all through the floors. The floors; tiled or hardwood, should be regularly vacuumed to get rid of the eggs and larvae that may be well hidden within the cracks and crevices. Once the vacuum is done, the vacuum bag should be disposed of properly.

Flea Combs

The daily use of a fine-toothed comb is another way of getting rid of fleas. The comb is not as effective as the chemical methods but is necessary for controlling flea infestations. The comb is run through the dog’s fur and dipped in a bowl containing soapy water to prevent the fleas from falling onto the floor and attacking the dog once more.

Call An Exterminator

Vacuuming the floors is not enough in curbing flea infestation. Further stern measures need to be taken, like fumigating the house. You can carry out the fumigation on your own or seek assistance from an exterminator since they are well conversant with pesticides and can choose non-hazardous chemicals that can still fully exterminate the fleas.

Non-toxic Sprays For The Yard

Dogs play in the yard and lawns and are bound to have dropped fleas in the area, necessitating spraying the area with non-toxic elements that will not cause environmental harm while killing all the fleas, eggs, and larvae.


Fleas are parasites that spread both human and animal diseases. Their presence in the home is, therefore, risky, and they should be exterminated. Various methods can be used to get rid of the fleas. Some methods are effective but endanger the lives of yourself and the dog. Choose the right and smart techniques that stand out from the rest to eliminate the threat.

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