Rooms to Use a Persian Rug

There’s no place like home! And when it comes to enhancing your home’s beauty, you spare no effort to decorate it uniquely. We all become a little choosy in trying to get our hands on the best of everything – be it furniture, upholstery, or rugs – for our happy place.

Many of us have a special place in our hearts for rugs and carpets – particularly, we are attracted to the durability and quality of oriental rugs. With hand-woven distinctive patterns, they are surely a must-have for our homes.

Though you may have always wanted to buy a Persian rug or have been handed down one by your grandparents – the main interior design battle begins when you have to decide on laying down that rug the right way!

To take your worries away, we have pulled together the handiest tricks for placing the rug in the right way. The Persian rugs are a precious belonging, especially if you have inherited one. Therefore, you need to identify the perfect placement for them.

Mix and Match Furniture with Rugs

Mix and Match Furniture with Rugs

We own many things that we love and have collected over a while. Often we find it difficult to get rid of them; therefore, a good idea is to mix and match. If you have an oriental rug, you can begin by laying it down as the foundation. Start with that Persian rug you would not want to let go of.

Not every piece of the room needs to be color-coordinated. Therefore, have your main focus on 2 or 3 complementary colors while ensuring they work well together. You can always experiment to see what works best for you. After all, your place shouldn’t look like it is pulled out from a catalog and doesn’t have a personal touch to it.

A grey couch with teal cushions placed on a red Persian rug looks fresh, cozy, and casual. There is no rule to follow when it comes to keeping the things you like. However, avoid going overboard and dumping everything in one room. Keep it simple yet classy to bring out the beauty of every piece. This is ideal for a living room to give it a warm and comfortable look.

Combining Patterns and Solids in Rooms

We usually see Persian rugs with different patterns and color schemes. If that’s what you have, then a simple sofa would go best with it. Rugs with floral prints or motifs look aesthetically pleasing with plain whites or off-whites. With a red and blue patterned Persian rug combined with plain off-white sofas and textured cushions, this living room looks very elegant.

If you don’t have a theme in mind – this one is the safest bet! You can never go wrong with the combination of patterns and solids.

But, before taking carte blanche to the rug gallery, take accurate measurements to avoid stuffing your place. Measurement plays an important role, particularly when getting a rug for your dining area.

Looking at the image below, if you want to place the rug underneath the dining table, there should be at least extra 2 feet of carpet all around the rug’s sides. This is needed so that the diners do not trip over the edge when pulling out the chair. You may also notice that solid chair cushions have been placed with a patterned carpet to complement it nicely.


For your bedroom, you can either place one large rug under the bed or multiple smaller rugs scattered around the room. Smaller rugs should not be more than 3 in one bedroom, where two can be placed on each side of the bed and one rug at the foot.

Rugs as Wall Hangings

Have you ever thought of using the rugs as wall hangings? Why should we limit its use for ravishing the floors only? After all, these are artworks created with expertise and a lot of skills. Since oriental rugs are visually appealing, we can even get them framed and hang them on our walls.

Another added advantage of using them as wall hangings is that they help dampen the sound between thinner walls while adding warmth to your room. This is an interesting way to bring your oriental carpets into use.

By using carpets as wall art, their chances of getting damaged will be less. You will not have to clean it too frequently, and it can be saved for even longer considering its durability. If you have rugs with a sentimental value, you should preserve them for a lifetime and beyond.

Some people find paintings for decorating the walls to be cliché; hence, this is a trendy way to embellish your room’s walls – be it the living room or your bedroom. Antique Persian rugs are as good as any expensive artwork.

However, ensure that you hang these treasures in the right way avoiding any damages to the rugs or even the walls. Seek professional assistance for it, as using uncoated metals may lead the rug pulling itself apart.

Best for All

Persian rugs can never go out of style. People have admired the hard work and creativity of the artisans who have been hand-crafting them for over 2,500 years. These rugs can blend in with modern and traditional décor or somewhere between different patterns and colors.

The rugs are still subtle and unobtrusive with bold patterns, and they look beautiful overall floor coverings. Layered over timber or tiles, marble, or stones, they look great anyway. Therefore, we believe that the rugs should be the foundation of the room, and the rest should flow around them.

You can add these precious Persian rugs to any room or any available space in your house. While we showed you some examples of placing them in the living room or dining areas, you can even place long runners in the hallway and kitchen. This will provide a visual path with a sense of order to other rooms.

In case you don’t have a big hallway, you can place a Persian runner rug, which should be 10cm narrower and 60cm longer than your hallway’s dimensions. This will make it look a bit longer and add some beauty to the hallway.

Be Your Own Interior Designer

Though an easier option is to hire a professional interior designer for decorating the rooms, why spend all that money when you can do it yourself? It may sound like a daunting task; however, once you’re at it, you start enjoying beautifying every nook and corner of your house.

Begin the décor journey with measurements, and then placing the rug as the foundation of your room. Persian rugs are a beauty in itself, and adding anything around it would further enhance the room’s look.

If your budget doesn’t allow getting a larger Persian rug, buy a smaller one to be used as an accent to other furniture placed in the room. Still confused about what to do with that Persian rug you have been gifted – use that masterpiece as floor embellishment or wall art, as you please.

Whether you mix and match or combine solids with patterned, we assure you that these exquisite Persian rugs will make your comfort place look great!