Roof Replacements in Broward County are Needed More Often Than Other Areas


For most individuals, the largest investment that they will ever make during the course of their lives is their homes. That investment is not simply a financial one – it is also an emotional one. A home is where friends and family gather, a place where love and friendship can be shared. It is more than simply bricks and mortar – it is a haven from an increasingly stressful world.

However, as with most investments, it requires vigilance in order to provide exceptional returns. The homeowner needs to constantly be aware that structural issues can reduce the value of the home and that wear and tear can have expensive consequences if not immediately addressed; the location of your home is a big decider in how often some “upkeep” is vital.

One area of special concern is the roof of the home. So, what are the warning signs that indicate that it may be time to replace the roof – or call in a professional to undertake repairs?

The first part of any evaluation of the soundness of the roof should be to take into account the age of the roof and how well it has been maintained during its lifetime. For instance, shingle roofs typically last between two decades and 25 years before they need major attention – or complete replacement. To gauge if damage has occurred, a trip to the attic to see if sunlight is penetrating through the roof material is an inspection that is easy to perform and can provide valuable insight into the state of the roof. 

Chances are, if you live in a place that has frequent tornados or hurricanes, you may have to replace your roof a little more often. Areas such as Broward County, Fl are a prime example of this- hurricanes cause severe damage and literally rip shingles off as they storm through your neighborhood. 

It is important to perform such checks regularly (taking into account the age of the roof). By the time water is streaming through the roof, the problem will have escalated to the point where repairs can be extremely costly. Such inspections are especially important both prior to and after extreme weather conditions. During Fall the roof should be examined – and after winter has passed. Kantuta Corp Roofing recommends metal roofs for areas such as South Florida for their durability and long-lasting attributes. 

Checking the flashing that provides a watertight seal around fixtures such as skylights and vents is also important. this material tends to degrade over time – especially in older homes or areas with torrential downpour. If there is visible degradation a professional roofing specialist should be called in to replace flashing. In older homes, the flashing can be constructed from tar or roofing cement and if this is damaged then replacement with more modern flashing made from metal is highly recommended.

The structure of the roof can also be damaged by plat growth. Plants such as mosses will quickly force their way in between shingles, boarding, or tiles. This will provide easy entry to water and debris. Once again, the services of a professional roofing contractor should be sought in order to deal with the problem.

The key to ensuring that the roof remains in pristine condition is continued vigilance. The homeowner who checks to see if problems have occurred will enjoy decades of service from their roof – and save significant amounts of money on repairs. Leaving the problems to multiply may eventually require that the entire roof is replaced. If in doubt – call in a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

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