Roof Maintenance Tips

It takes many things to make a house a home, but ultimately, four brick walls and a roof are a good place to start. If either of these things become faulty or damaged, your entire home could become compromised. It’s easier to spot issues with your walls as they’re at eye level and cracks or render issues tend be quite easy to notice, but problems with the roof are harder to spot.

Generally speaking, that’s because the roof it high up and out of eyesight. Beyond cleaning the guttering every now and then or putting up Christmas lights once a year, you likely pay no attention to your roof. After all, if it keeps the wind and rain out, it’s doing its job, right? That might be the case, but as all professional roofing specialists such as ERoofing will tell you, things can quickly take a turn for the worst.

Stop a major problem in its tracks by undertaking the roof maintenance tips below.

1. Trim Hanging Branches

Many people like to have trees line the perimeter of their property for privacy, nature and aesthetic reasons. They look great and do indeed offer both privacy for you and a haven for various types of garden wildlife, but the branches extending from trees can spell trouble for your roof.

In the case of branches that are suspended close to your roof, there is a real chance of debris falling onto your roof and causing damage. Not just this, but during heavy winds and stormy conditions, it’s entirely possible for a branch to break from the tree and hit your roof, causing damage upon impact.

Prevent branch-induced damage by trimming branches – it’s probably best to hire a professional tree surgeon for safety reasons if the tree is large or if the branch is heavy.

2. Check Shingles

Most houses have pitched roofs which means they more than likely have shingles. If you’re unsure what shingles are, they’re the overlapping tiles on your roof. They’re a good indicator of a problem, so make sure you check your shingles regularly.

Look out for things like cracks, looseness and missing tiles. Whilst not necessarily a big problem, if left untreated, they can easily turn into a more prevalent problem that could cause expensive damage.

3. Remove Moss

If you live in an area with little to no sunshine, or if your roof is made of concrete or clay, you might find it’s susceptible to moss as a result of the cool, damp surface. Moss is a pest at the best of times, especially if it’s on your roof. It can grow in the crevices and begin to uplift tiles, causing all manner of problems, including timber rot and leaks.

If you notice moss on your roof, no matter how small, make sure you remove it straight away.

4. Clean Gutters

There are multiple reasons why you should be cleaning your gutters – but especially to preserve your roof. As water runs off your roof it goes into your gutters, but unfortunately, so does debris such as leaves. This can quickly cause a blockage which will lead to a build up of water and could eventually cause the gutter to burst.

This can lead to some pretty serious problems such as damp, not to mention sitting water on your roof which can cause issues of its own. These expensive issues can be avoided simply by clearing your gutter regularly.


Keeping an eye on your roof might seem like an arduous task, but the majority of roof problems can be easily avoided if you take due care and diligence and take these maintenance tips on board.