Revamp Your Bathroom From Drab to Fab


A renovated bathroom increases your home’s market value, innovates its appearance, and makes it more adaptable to your needs.

However, undertaking bathroom renovations for the first time can be overwhelming. It can be incredibly difficult to renovate a bathroom if you have no idea how to get started or what must be updated. Although it is the smallest room in the house, it must incorporate various features, accessories, and fixtures for efficient operation.

The objective is to explore your options and enlighten yourself on current trends to identify what fits your needs and budget. In addition, consider implementing one or more of these clever bathroom makeover ideas to change it from drab to fab.

14 Clever Bathroom Remodeling Concepts

1. Keep the primary fixtures neutral.

During a bathroom remodel, you’ll have a wide range of options for bathroom fixtures. Clearly, you should select the fixtures that you find most appealing. However, choosing neutral colors for the bathroom’s primary fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub is advisable.

2. Enhance the current lighting.

As you plan your bathroom makeover, consider altering or adding to the current lighting to improve the room’s functionality and atmosphere. A dimmable switch for the primary lighting is an efficient lighting modification. If you enjoy nice, soothing baths, you know they are less enjoyable in artificial light. The use of a dimmer will enable you to create the perfect mood.

3. Select heated floors.

If you are replacing the floors in your bathroom, you should consider installing heated flooring. Installing heated floors is cost-effective and will boost your home’s value. Moreover, because they are more energy-efficient than central heating systems, they can help you save money on long-term energy costs.

4. Consider a small tub.

When installing a bathtub during a bathroom remodeling, it is vital to remember that bigger is not always better. Traditionally, oversized bathtubs were very popular. However, modern bathrooms incorporate tubs with a more streamlined style.

5. Choose the countertop material wisely.

Like bathroom fixtures, bathroom countertops are available in an assortment of styles. Therefore, aesthetics and function should be considered when selecting a countertop material.

6. Consider installing a water-efficient showerhead.

Consider an efficient showerhead as one of your upgrade options. Low-flow showerheads consume less water, conserving thousands of gallons annually, depending on household usage.

7. Prioritize ventilation.

Ventilation is not among the most engaging bathroom renovation ideas. However, you must prioritize it. Even though it’s not required by code, a bathroom ventilation fan is a smart addition. It will absorb moisture and odors, thus improving indoor air quality.

8. Avoid overlooking storage space.

Remember to include adequate storage space in any bathroom remodeling, even if your objective is to create a minimalist and streamlined spa-like environment. It would be ideal to have sufficient cabinets, shelves, and drawers to keep your bathroom supplies.

9. Choose your accessories with care.

According to the experts from a reliable Park City door hardware store, when choosing the finishing touches and accessories for your new bathroom, it is crucial that they all must have a cohesive appearance. For example, you should choose towel bars with metallic finishes that complement your faucets. Doing so makes the room more elegant and organized.

10. Install a medicine cabinet.

A medicine cabinet concealed above the vanity gives additional storage space for bathroom supplies without sacrificing elegance. The additional wall construction necessary to recess the cabinet is often not expensive compared to other bathroom renovation projects.

11. Consider installing a window in the shower.

One of the worst adversaries of a clean bathroom is humidity, which can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Natural ventilation is best, even if a quality bathroom fan has a considerable effect. Even if it is opened during and after usage, adding a window to your shower will aid in moisture dissipation.

12. Small, textured tiles should be used for the shower floor.

During a remodel, there will be several bathroom renovation ideas for flooring, walls, and tiles. The shower floor tile will be the most critical safety consideration. Select a small, textured tile for the shower floor so that when the floor becomes soapy and wet, the surface’s texture and additional grouting will prevent slipping.

13. Add seating space.

If there is adequate room, a seating area can be a pleasant addition. A small bench, stool, or ottoman is a great accent.

14. Install beadboard or paneling on the walls.

A bathroom’s blank walls provide an opportunity to add dimension and texture to the space. With the right tools and supplies, installing beadboard or wainscoting along the lower part of the room is simple and quick.

Key Takeaway

The bathroom is the first place you visit in the morning to prepare for the day and the final place you visit at night to decompress. With a few bathroom renovations, you can rapidly transform it from drab to fab. Lastly, to create the bathroom of your dreams that meets your demands and aesthetic preferences, you should consider implementing any of the ideas mentioned above.

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