Renovating the kitchen: what should be considered?


Everyone represents the purpose of the kitchen differently: for some it’s a place to create culinary masterpieces, for others – the opportunity to organize a party for friends. In any case this room should be functional and comfortable enough for all family members. It’s so nice to have a heart-to-heart talk over a cup of hot tea after a hard day’s work.

Your kitchen needs to be repaired, redesigned? Bringing the plan into reality will help modern renovation. However, before doing so, you should assess some issues and the overall picture of your expectations. This will help to avoid ridiculous mistakes in the renovation work and create a comfortable environment for staying in the kitchen.

What are the determining factors of kitchen layout?

Before you begin remodeling your kitchen space, it is recommended that you develop an interior design layout. In the process of development should be based on lifestyle, individual preferences:

  • the need for a kitchen island;
  • do you prefer a separate kitchen or joint with the living room:
  • whether you like to organize gatherings with friends in the kitchen;
  • whether you need a dining room;
  • what kind of storage space is needed;
  • preference for natural or artificial light;
  • how often you eat (cook) at home.

You make your own list of questions. Giving yourself honest answers, you will better understand what kind of repairs are needed. After that, you can start looking for a contractor.

Layout of the kitchen

Once you’ve answered the questions about the function of the kitchen, you can safely proceed to the preferences associated with the layout. This question should be taken seriously, it depends on the number of cabinets, the placement of outlets, light fixtures, the location of the oven, ideas for the wall behind the stove and other important points.

Try to make a few examples of layout to choose the most comfortable option. If you realize that you can not do it by yourself, it is recommended to contact a professional designer. Ask your acquaintances for contacts of a specialist or search on the Internet.

How much will it cost to repair the kitchen?

Renovation is not a cheap pleasure. So that the final figure does not come as a surprise to you, try to estimate the approximate cost. The average price range for kitchen renovations is about 10% of the total cost of the house.

The figure is influenced by the number of alterations made, the quality of the material used, the cost of the work, the rates used in your area of residence and so on. Urgent work will cost more than work done in a standard time frame. To get an exact cost, ask your local renovation company for a sketch of the interior.

It is also worth planning money for making furniture, buying appliances, lighting fixtures, and so on.

Do the work yourself or invite professionals

If you are not a master of repair services, you should not even start doing repairs in the kitchen yourself. Of course, you can try to save money and do the work yourself. But just imagine how much it will cost you in case you make a mistake. If you do not have a certain amount of money for cooperation with professionals, you can take a loan or postpone the task until a better time.

The company HomeQuote will accept your application for the renovation of the premises. On our website you can order the services of the following specialists:

  • designer
  • furniture assembler
  • plumber
  • builder

Making an order, you will save your time and planned budget. All costs are discussed in advance. Repair work will be carried out qualitatively and on time. Your kitchen will be transformed and bring you pleasure with Homequote kitchen remodelers!


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