Renovate Your Private Office Bathroom with These Additions

Executives and CEOs enjoy one perk that most of the other employees don’t have. And that’s access to a private office bathroom. If you’re one of the lucky ones that get to enjoy the privacy of a single-occupant bathroom and want to do some renovations, here are some tips that will work great.

Make Sure There’s Lots of Room

The more room the private office bathroom has, the more accessories and features you can add. A larger space also makes things comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes.

Having more space for the bathroom makes it easier to design them and include necessary utilities in one place.One best benefit of having a sizable bathroom at the office is you have a better experience while getting ready for the conference and fewer chances of spilling water and messing your formals.

Add a Commercial Medicine Cabinet

The best way to spice up a private office bathroom is by adding a medicine cabinet. They’re clean, sharp-looking, and can help organize anyone’s essential bathroom items in one convenient place.

Medicine cabinets are multiutility in nature. They require less space while installing but can hold all your essentials.  You can keep your medicines and B.P. monitoring machine along with all your grooming and sanitary essentials.

Here is a list of benefits of installing a mirror medicine cabinet in a private washroom and why you should install them in your bathroom.

Add a Toilet and a Urinal

Having both a toilet and a urinal is a convenient option because it is good to have options available for all genders. If you want to add a urinal/toilet combination while renovating, install the urinal to the side or in a corner. Be sure to include restroom stalls as they are important in any commercial bathroom. Customers want to feel safe and comfortable when they use these facilities, so don’t overlook these factors.

Installing it in a corner will occupy less space and it will not come in the way.

This design combination will make the bathroom convenient for use. Also, having a urinal means a more clean floor and dry toilet seat. Urinals use less water hence will save more water.

Add an Electric Soap Dispenser

Everyone loves the convenience of using a high-quality soap dispenser like this because you get to keep your hands clean and experience the luxury of electronic automation.

An automatic soap dispenser is easy to use and its contactless feature helps to keep you away from the germs transferring by touching a soap dispenser. It dispenses the same adequate amount of soap in every use hence preventing wastage. Also, it gives a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

Add a Shower Stall

There’s no reason that a private office bathroom renovation shouldn’t include installing a shower stall unless there’s not enough room.

Installing a shower stall is perfect for people who are very busy and don’t want to go home to shower or freshen up before a meeting. Often business personnel or a high-ranking person works late hours and stays in the office while the workload is more. For such situations having a shower stall in the office, the bathroom is a lifesaver.

A CEO or an Executive of the organization would never want to appear untidy in front of other employees. So having a shower stall will save time to get ready.

Add an Automatic Air Freshener

Keep your private bathroom fresh all day by adding an automatic air freshener accessory. They are inexpensive, attractive, and always keep the bathroom smelling fresh. A good fragrance can lift your mood and energy in seconds.

Automatic air fresheners release fragrance at equal time intervals hence keeping your bathroom away from the foul odor.

They come in different variants, and you don’t need a contractor to install them. You can order some high-end air fresheners online or go to your local hardware store to find one.

Add a Supply Cabinet

It’s not fun having to go to a supply room when washroom supplies run out. The best way to avoid this is by installing a supply cabinet. A supply cabinet is a storage space for keeping all the toiletries and other bathroom supplies such as tissues and sanitary napkins.

You can install a supply cabinet attached with or without a sink according to the space available. You can also store a pair of extra towels, napkins, and formals.

Add Grab Bars

It might be a good idea to consider installing grab bars. It’s not a big renovation job, but the result is convenience of use.

Grab bars are good if the user is an aged person or experiencing physical disabilities or weakness. Grab bars come in handy for the employee if she is a pregnant lady or a person who recently had a fracture or has undergone any surgery.

Grab bars will help them stand or sit while using the bathroom. You can install grab bars beside the toilet and sink.

Add Hooks and Cloth Hangers.

Adding hooks and cloth hangers on the bathroom wall or behind the door is very useful while using the bathroom. You can hang your blazer coat, overcoat, or scarf while washing your face. You can put your handbag on the hook to prevent it from getting wet and keep it clean.

Making these alterations and additions in your office bathroom will make it more handier than ever.