Removing Home Toxins


Our tech-driven society has led to many advancements, but, unfortunately, it has also led to a number of harmful chemicals surrounding us in daily life, many of which you may not even be aware of. So what can you do to avoid these common household dangers?

Awareness is the first step to elimination when it comes to toxic chemicals hiding in your home. The following infographic is a helpful resource for identifying which products may be having an adverse effect on your family’s health. Surprisingly, these toxins are hiding in many common places.

You might already be aware of the danger of contaminants, like lead, in your water pipes and paint, but it is important to follow up by getting proper inspections and taking precautions when having the paint removed. The allergies you thought you had may not be allergies at all.   Less commonly known contaminants, such as formaldehyde, are hiding in fabrics and could be the cause of eye and nose irritation. Changing to a new clothing provider may be all it takes to improve your condition.

Fortunately, there are products and materials with low or no levels of toxins that are readily available, so check out the following infographic to learn about the alternatives.

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