Remodeling an Older Home


There is something so captivating about home flipping shows. The ability to turn an old house into a stunning, modern-looking one can keep you hooked for hours. Don’t you love when they take the sledgehammer to the drywalls? Watching them rip out old cabinetry or other fixtures is so satisfying.

Well, don’t always believe the stuff you see on TV. The teams have resources and cash on their side. They also have the expertise to know what to touch and what to leave as is. Do you, for instance, know that you should not just bring down a load-bearing wall? That simple act will severely impact the structural integrity of the whole house.

Our article explores remodeling an older home. We will share some fantastic, workable tips that could prove invaluable if you decide to remodel.

Have Clarity on the Scope of Work

Do not start remodeling an older home without clarity on the scope of work. Start by taking note of factors like:-

  • The history of the home, taking into consideration any upgrades the previous owners may have undertaken
  • A checklist of what you want to do in terms of renovations
  • How much of the work you will turn over to the contractors. One fantastic money-saving tip is to undertake some of the tasks as DIYs. The online platform contains tutorials that can help you do simple tasks. You can, for instance, do simple paint jobs on your own. Please note, though, we only advocate you take this route if you know you can do a good job. If not, consider the money you spend on contractors an investment. A good job will drive up the value of your home.
  • A proper design plan will guide everything you do when remodeling. The design will also determine the material, human resources, and timelines.

Talk to Professionals

Home remodeling professionals can be a lifesaver. First, they have the knowledge to undertake all aspects of the job.

Second, they have professional networks of suppliers and other contractors. They can save you time, tons of cash, and the hassle of looking for materials and experts.

The most solid advice we can give is to take your time on this part. Proper due diligence on the remodeling company is a must. Read customer reviews and ask for client references. Also, check that the company has the relevant certification.

Determine How Much You Want To Spend

With clarity on the scope of work and materials, you should start to get an idea of how much you will spend. Further, when shopping for contractors, you will collect quotes. Reputable companies will have no problem sharing cost breakdowns, even before contracting them.

Decide on how much you want to spend and stick to the budget. It is easy for costs to go above what you had initially projected. You could end up paying out of pocket, thus causing a huge dent in your budget.

Also, get ready for some unexpected expenses. You are working on an older home, remember? Indeed, expert contractors will give you a cost estimate rather than a fixed quote.

The best advice is to be realistic about what you can achieve within your budget. Don’t start a project and leave it midway because you ran out of money.

Do the Necessary Inspections and Get Permits

Please note that some of the older homes may have harmful components in them. A good example is asbestos. It wasn’t until the 80’s that the toxic mineral was no longer a component of construction material.

Asbestos home inspectors can identify and remove such before you start renovating. You will also need plumbers and electricians to check pipes and electrical cabling.

Check the permit requirements for remodeling. The local building departments will send inspectors to the property. Their work is to ensure you meet the necessary building codes and local ordinances.

If you are working with an expert remodeling company, they will advise on what you need. They can also use their networks to fast-track the process of getting the necessary permits. Do not think about skipping this step.

You could be in serious trouble if the inspectors catch on to what you are doing. Some of the penalties are pretty harsh. It could be a fine or cancellation of your project. They may even ask you to bring down what you have already put up.

Final Thoughts

Talk to anyone who has taken on the job of remodeling an old home. One thing you will hear is the process can be time-intensive and expensive. That is why you should never start on a project without a plan.

The plan will give you clarity on the scope of work. It will also provide a guideline on how much the job will cost and timelines.

Finally, let the experts handle the work, unless you are a home remodeling contractor.

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