Relax at home in the evening with these games for dog lovers

Although they might make you clean up their mess from time to time, or they’re occasionally noisy in the mornings, adding a dog to a home can really make a difference. In fact, pets, in general, can make a home. Perhaps the most popular option with people is dogs, with our canine chums being adored all around the world. Alongside adding a dog to your family, you can play a variety of dog-themed games during some downtime in the evening, too.

For many dog lovers, the opportunity to play a hound-themed release is fun and entertaining, especially if the dog featured in the game is similar to their pooch. Additionally, most people who have an affinity with dogs generally revolve their lives around them. As such, it’s common for dog owners to also play a variety of doggy-based games. Some games feature a dog on a mission, while others might put your dog-caring skills to the test. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best games for dog lovers below.


One of the favorite simulation games on the market right now, Nintendogs tasks players with raising an array of puppies. Accessible on a Nintendo DS or 3DS, this particular release won’t result in you taking your eye off the care of your real-life dog, instead enabling you to escape from reality and have another dog of your own in the virtual world. Nintendogs has excellent graphics too, helping to make the game even more realistic in the process.

Animal Crossing

While Animal Crossing features an array of familiar creatures from the animal kingdom, it’s the dogs that will surely appeal to dog owners. With 27 different dogs to potentially encounter in the game, there is certainly enough dog-themed material on offer as you aim to upgrade your house and team up with some of your favorite canines.

The Dog House

Mobile gaming is booming these days, with people able to access an extensive selection of titles with ease. One of the most popular categories in this particular facet of gaming are casino games, with The Dog House casino game particularly appealing to dog lovers. This fun release features a range of canines, from a pug and a beagle to a poodle and a doberman. With a massive jackpot up for grabs on this 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines casino product, The Dog House is a great option for fans of casino games and fluffy friends.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4


In Fallout 4, players are accompanied by a lovely German Shepherd called Dogmeat. While other aspects of the game might put casual players off given its difficulty, the fact that you have a loyal companion at your side throughout the game makes it a great title to session. Dogmeat even wears armor for battle, too.

Pokemon Go

Another popular mobile release, Pokemon Go doesn’t feature dogs specifically, but there are a number of dog-like creatures that can be caught as you play the game. Additionally, it’s a fantastic game to play while walking your dog, too, solely due to its augmented reality feature that enables players to explore an outdoor environment as they aim to fill-up their Pokédex with as many captures as possible. Alongside the opportunity to catch a massive selection of Pokemon, trainers can also walk with their dogs as they attempt to hatch eggs, there are gyms to battle against, you can trade with any friends who play the game, and even take pictures of your latest capture while out and about.

Other options include Little Big Planet 3, PaRappa The Rapper, Dog’s Life, and GTA 5.