Reflective Essays: Simple Tips That Actually Work

Writing reflective essays can be simple but trickish. In spite of that, we have some simple tips that will surely help in the construction of any reflective essay topic. If by any chance you have a reason to write a reflective essay, following the tips discussed below would be of great help.

1. Create An Outline

It might look easier to just start writing without actually creating an outline, but the truth is it will get difficult in the middle. Wring without an outline is like traveling on the sea without a lifeboat. An outline is a foundation for your work. Writing and following one would simplify the task ahead.

2. Write A Draft

After creating an outline that you must follow, you need to use this outline in writing a draft. Writing a draft is a good way to visualize your idea before actually writing your essay. Writing a draft is a good way to see where you need to improve when writing the essay.

3. Use Simple English

Writing a reflective essay with too many grammar mistakes can get your reader distracted. Also, writing with slang can make your work look unserious. To create wonderful content, you need to use correct and simple English that your readers will understand.  Be sure to check out options like a grammar corrector as well.

4. Let Your Essay Be Detailed And Short

When writing a reflective essay, remember to cut out the unnecessary details as they will distract your readers. Ensure your reflective essay is clear and short. Avoid making your essay too long unless you were given a particular number of words to write.

5. Follow The Requirements

Most times, irrespective of the reason you are writing an essay. There would be certain requirements that your essay must meet. This includes word count, style and format. Ensure you follow the format requested and stick to it. If you are using the APA format, then use it throughout your work and don’t mix it with the MLA format. Before you begin writing your essay, ensure that you confirm which format is expected of you.

6. Write About An Event And Not About The People

When writing a reflective essay, it is important to focus on what took place. A reader of a reflective essay is concerned with what happened and not who was present when it was happening. However, if who was present played a major role in what happened, then it is important that you include the details in your essay.

7. Do Not Forget To Write Your References

After writing a good introduction, great content and a wonderful conclusion, there is a need to include your reference. You should name every source where you searched for information in assisting you to write your essay. Once you have your references ready, ensure to add them to your work following the basic principles of your writing style.

8. Always Proofread Your Work

It is almost impossible to write an essay without having one error or the other in your work. Proofreading is a great way to correct any errors that might have found their way into your reflective essay. It is advisable to keep reading and correcting your essay until you find nothing to correct. This means that you won’t just read it once but you should read it over and over again. You should also try reading aloud so you can point out incorrect or wordy sentences. Simple and common errors such as grammatical errors, punctuation errors or even a silly spelling mistake can destroy your good work and all your efforts would be in vain. Another technique you could use in eliminating errors is giving your work to someone else with a good command of the English language. When such a person reads your essay, he or she would definitely point out any hidden errors if there still is.

Reflective Essay Topic Ideas

After understanding the tricks and tips that you can use to create a wonderful reflective essay, you might want to practice these tips and exercise your writing skills. To help you do that, below are some reflective essay topic ideas to help you practice.

  1. The Day I Will Never Forget.
  2. My Plans For The Future
  3. The Best Gift I Have Ever Received
  4. The Day I Fell In Love 
  5. A Feeling Of Different Emotions
  6. The Day I Made My Parents Proud
  7. The Birth Of My Younger Sibling
  8. An Amazing Christmas Eve
  9. Why I Will Never Love Again
  10. A Wonderful Vacation I Will Love To Experience Again

These are just a few of the numerous reflective essay topics. Nevertheless, if you would like to make up a topic yourself then you should think of an event that happened to you that it is almost impossible for you to forget.