Reasons You Should Have Your Property Valued


Do I need to know the valuation of my property? If not, you need to talk to an expert to help you. Property evaluation is essential, especially if you want to sell your property or lease it to a potential tenant. Property valuation is known as estimating the worth of a property, which can be land, building, or any other asset. You could think that evaluation is a natural process, but it can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. That’s why you need to work with a professional if you want a successful evaluation of the property.

Working with the best valuers will help you when you’re doing valuations, and you will know the exact value of a property.

Property Valuation When Refinancing

In most cases, you may get a mortgage and take it, thinking it is the right deal. But after getting the mortgage, you will notice that it is the biggest mistake in your life. Why? Because the interest rates that you have to pay will increase, and you will have to pay more for the property. In such a scenario, one has to opt for refinancing the home to reduce expenses. The mortgage provider will have to get the property valuation to know its worth. That’s why it is vital to work with a professional valuer who can provide the right services.

If You’re Seeking Insurance for Your House

Several homeowners who never knew the importance of property valuation would find themselves confused when signing up for insurance policies. They will notice later when the insurer has underinsured the property. Hence, you must hire a valuer who will value the home before you sign up for the insurance plan. In the long-term, you will notice a new item in the house, causing the property’s value to rise. Before talking to your insurance firm, you need to know the property valuation to get the right insurance cover.

How Property Valuation Helps When You’re Selling the House

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you need to do a house valuation. Knowing the value of the home will prepare you when you’re ready to sell. Earlier estimates might not be considered, and that’s why working with a valuer will help you if you want to know the real value of the home.

Valuations Help Your Financial Situation

Since you’re going to be handing over the house, you may find yourself biased at stating its worth, determining the price, and getting the correct value. The right property valuation will stop you from being biased. It will help you make objective decisions based on several aspects which are:

  • Property size.

  • Condition of the building structure.

  • Site

  • Type of building

  • Sales in the region

  • Rooms available

If you take these factors into account when doing the property valuation, you will know where your home ranks in the market according to its worth. If you know these factors, you can improve your home so that it rises in value.

You Will Know How to Set the Price

Trying to set the price can be challenging. You don’t know if you should set it high or low. If you want to sell a home, you need to take your time and analyze many factors before diving into the market.

Get the Right Buyer

After you’ve known where your property ranks in the market and the price, you need to find a buyer. Most property buyers will look at the valuation. If the estimate is high, you should expect a high number of potential homebuyers. With a massive volume, there will be competition. You will want to have a competition because you’re the one who will go home with the most money. If the homebuyers look at the report and notice the high valuation at a fair rate, they will fight to get it.

How to do Property Valuation

Usually, you will have a licensed valuer visit the property. He or she will then take the right photos and write down the location, size, zoning, and car access. Later, the valuer will gather the crucial findings and offer the correct value based on the information available. Property valuation is not similar to real estate appraisal. Several real estate appraisals will work with an agency to gain the listing. In most scenarios, they will offer the value based on the number of sales in the region and the agent’s experience. But with reliable valuers, they are legally required to use only facts. They will work with lenders.

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