Reasons to Hire Fire Damage Restoration Services in San Diego


Seeing your house on fire is a traumatizing experience for every homeowner, given the memories and comfort everyone enjoys when being at home. The procedure of making a house liveable again is complicated and exhausting for people who have just seen their houses in flames.

The best way to relieve the stress after experiencing a house fire is by trusting the cleanup process in the hands of damage restoration specialists. These experienced professionals are proficient in water, soot, and smoke removal with the help of high-quality machines, vacuums, and tools.

These are the most important reasons for hiring such a team of professionals.

A dry home

Most individuals associate fires with smoke damage without even considering the damage done by water used in the process of putting out a house fire. Plenty of water has to be used in the extinguishing procedure, leaving houses soaked. Unless the water is removed soon after firemen do their job, moisture will result in mold growth. Read here about the history, hazards, and types of firefighting.

Nevertheless, by hiring fire restoration specialists in San Diego, not a single drop of water will be left on your property. These companies equip their workers with a variety of tools such as wet vacuum cleaners, specially designed for the safe removal of water. These vacuums have two separate containers for debris and liquids, respectively. Wet-vacs are nothing like traditional vacuum cleaners, which homeowners cannot use to remove water.

Besides wet-vacs, fire damage restoration experts use high-power fans and dehumidifiers to eliminate the remaining moisture. Dehumidifiers are the best machines to employ for reducing indoor humidity. These specialists ensure water is removed and humidity reduced in a short period, leaving no time for mold to grow.

Soot removal

Soot removal

Another reason for hiring fire damage restoration services in San Diego is the removal of soot and smoke, which remind homeowners of the unfortunate accident long after it happens. Once the house is dry, these skilled workers roll up their sleeves and start removing soot and ash. Soot is infamous for being almost impossible to eliminate once attached to walls, ceilings, carpets, and other surfaces.

Nevertheless, it’s of the utmost importance for soot to be eliminated completely because of its ability to sneak into the bloodstream of residents. Fortunately, the largest part of fire damage repair companies specializes in fire cleanup. The cleaning products and tools they use are much more effective than regular cleaning agents.

After applying these cleaning agents, there is no trace of the powdery substance covering your home in black color. As previously mentioned, once soot enters the blood flow of individuals, the consequences can be serious, such as bronchitis, heart attack, stroke, asthma, etc. Unless removed soon after the fire, residents put their health at risk.

Moreover, homeowners trying to remove soot on their own usually end up doing greater damage to the walls. Due to the use of improper cleaning agents, soot damage is enhanced, not reduced. Conversely, fire damage restoration experts apply the right products, making walls, ceilings, and floors look as good as new the moment they finish cleaning.

Smoke removal

Smoke removal

The most irritating thing for homeowners surviving a house fire is the smell of smoke, lingering in the atmosphere for months following the accident. Irrespective of how much you wish to forget about the fire, the scent of smoke will keep you reminding you of what you have been through. Also, living in a house that smells of smoke is unquestionably unpleasant for residents.

Restoration specialists in San Diego, however, are proficient in the removal of smoke just like they are in the elimination of soot. They use high-end air purifiers, which increase indoor air quality while reducing the smoke odor. Also, these specialists have special vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter, removing all sorts of airborne particles. See the following link,, to learn about the difference between absolute HEPA filters and HEPA-type filters.

In addition, homeowners are advised to repaint their homes following a fire. A painting project is a good idea for replacing the smell of smoke with that of paint, as well as for covering the black color of walls and ceilings.

Better settlements

Another reason to hire such experts in San Diego is the possibility of getting a better settlement with the insurance company. Although home insurance policies cover the restoration expenses after a fire, the goal of insurers is to provide homeowners with the lowest possible compensation for their losses.

Dealing with the requirements of insurance companies is simply overwhelming for homeowners following such an event of unfortunate nature. Anyhow, experienced restoration specialists give their clients a hand in order for them to get a better settlement. They provide official reports, including every type of damage they’ve encountered on the property.

These reports are credible proof of the deterioration that took place in your home. Consequently, your insurer won’t have another alternative but to provide you with the reimbursement sum you deserve.

Quick response

One of the most crucial benefits of hiring fire damage restoration services in San Diego is the fast response these professionals provide after homeowners give them a call. Being completely aware of the urgent nature of the situation, they waste no valuable time arriving at your house. After visually assessing the damage, they start the process of water removal in order to speed up the upcoming process of soot and smoke elimination.

More importantly, these companies dispatch a crew of multiple workers to handle the job. The restoration process can only be completed quickly if handled by many professionals. In the meantime, while the crew is busy with the cleanup, you can place your focus on other important tasks, such as getting in touch with your insurance company in order to get a solid settlement.

Final word

Instead of coping with the damage on your own, hire the assistance of pros.

Give yourself time to heal while they do their job!

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