Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Contractor vs Do It Yourself


If you’re planning on having a solid landscaping project to make your yard look beautiful and amazing, you may be inclined to do it yourself. It’s perfectly understandable why you’d want to do things yourself. After all, it’s your home, so you would want to take care of it. This is great when it comes to things like planting small flower gardens, or just doing little things, but when it comes to a complete refresher of your entire yard, you may want to hire a reno landscaping contractor instead. There are many reasons why we’re recommending this, and we’ll get to them below. Just keep reading why you may want to hire certified lawn care and landscaping company just like the Rvagreenpros of Virginia.

Saving Time

When you hire a landscaper, it gives you time to worry about other things in your daily or busy life. If you have a day off and your landscaper is working, some of them will let you help out if you feel like you need to get your hands dirty, or they’ll just let you hang out while they do all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

This isn’t just limited to lawn care and maintenance, but also things like gardening, soil, paving, electrical work, constructing outdoor amenities, and more. You also save a lot more time because when you hire a landscaper, you literally just have to do the minimal amount of paperwork, don’t have to run all of the errands to get the materials, or even the supplies necessary to get the job done.  Be sure to check out the best landscaping companies for a great option.

Saving Even More Money

By hiring a landscaping contractor, you’re paying for a legitimate service in which the landscaper will buy all of the items from manufacturers and home supply stores. Contractors actually get special deals on items so you don’t have to pay the full price at a lot of these home improvement stores, so you can actually save money on the cost of the materials and supplies as well. For example, if you wanted to buy a rose bush that was a starter vine, you may have to spend upwards of around 20 bucks.

A Landscaping contractor that goes to Lowes can get 10% off or more if they’re a contractor, and this actually stacks with most other discounts (If they’re in the military or a veteran, they get another 10%, and if they have a Lowes card – which most contractors do – they can save yet another 5%!). This in turn saves you money because they’ll normally give you a discount since they got one!  Also be sure to check out services like landscaping company Rogers, MN for help as well.


There are so many more benefits when it comes to hiring a contractor. You don’t have to worry about things not going the way they’re supposed to, and a contractor has the skillset and experience necessary to make things look good the first time. If you don’t like something, they can arrange things to your liking. This is your property, and you need to be cautious at the same time when hiring a landscaper. Be sure to ask for a quote and make sure that if they say they’re a licensed contractor you see the proof. You also want to make sure they’re fully insured so you aren’t liable for any charges, just like with any other contractor.

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