Reasons To Be Worried If Your Neighbours Have Termites

If you discover that your neighbour, or anyone in your immediate neighbourhood, has termites, you have reason to worry. Termites are small, they generally live under your home with access tunnels that keep them moist. These also allow them to access the outside world.

Of course, this set-up, and the fact that they prefer to move around in dim light, tells you why it is easy for termites to live at your home without you noticing.

If you find termites are in your neighbourhood the first thing you should do is click here and get hold of your local pest control experts. They will inspect your home to see if you already have termites.

Should the pest company discover termites they will advise regarding the most effective treatment plan and implement it for you, eradicating the issue.

You will need to share the news with your neighbours to ensure they have their homes checked. It is also a good idea to have a building survey done. This is one thing that most people only have done when they are buying a house but it can be beneficial to have one periodically. This is especially true after an infestation. The surveyor can advise regarding the damage and what needs to be done to repair your home.

If you are still not worried about termites, then consider the following reasons to be worried:

Damage Caused

A termite colony can eat approximately six inches of standard 2×4 wood in just five months. That’s a significant quantity if you imagine any piece of wood in your home missing six inches.

Naturally, the damage is spread across the house, effectively weakening wall supports and even affecting the structural integrity of the place.

When thinking about the damage don’t forget that there can be more than one colony living under your home and they may have been there a lot longer than five months, dramatically increasing the potential damage.

They are known to cause significant damage to wooden walls as it is one of their favourite habitats. But, they also eat carpets and other cellulose-based products.

The Cost

As you can imagine, once the termites have taken hold they can cause a significant amount of damage. You may have insurance to help you cover the cost of replacing or repairing wood. This means stress and hassle sorting the claim and waiting for approval. However, the alternative is less desirable, without insurance you’ll have to fund the repair bill yourself and it can be a considerable amount.

Gardens Are Good For Travelling

Termites eat anything cellulose-based. That means there is plenty of rotten wood and similar substances in your garden which will help a termite cross from your neighbours house to yours. The closer your neighbour is and the more cluttered your yard, the more likely it is that termites will cover the distance to pay you a visit. They may already be with you.

That’s why you need to have your home checked and any issues dealt with promptly.