A student portfolio site is a collection of a student’s academic work and other educational achievements for examining academic progress, ascertaining promotional qualifications and establishing a permanent set of documentation. A student’s portfolio normally comes in hand-written or typed physical documents and materials however, the advent of technology is enabling safer storage of information with the introduction of portfolio websites. 

Portfolio websites are simply the digital forms of portfolios and in a world where the internet is a very important tool for professional growth, building a portfolio site should be the first things on the minds of every student and if you are one, writers will provide you with more than 10 reasons you should own a portfolio site and guide you on how to write contents for your blog.

1. Helps in the generation of specific content

A portfolio website is basically a collection of your academic successes and qualifications including details of research projects and innovations recorded by you in your course of study. As a result of this, a portfolio site will help you generate specific content that is shareable with specific people demanding it at any point in time. As a student, you can provide this information at any required time without wasting time in putting together an imperfect replica of a portfolio site.

2. Helps to set the tone for discussions

Today, portfolio websites set the tone for discussions and interviews. It provides clues to the interviewer about the accomplishments of a student setting the tone for the discussion. For instance, the information on your portfolio website can assist a college board to ask questions related to your accomplishments so far.

3. Serves as a detailed summary of education and employment experience

In this digital age, a detailed summary of education and employment experience must contain images, videos and audios. A portfolio site will assist you produce a resume that draws interests over other candidates. No matter the purpose, a portfolio site is more appealing to any reader than a simple curriculum vitae made with only texts.

4. Helps to create the right impression

Impressions are built from reputations and you can present yourself in a reversed manner to a stranger through your portfolio site. I am not basically saying that you lie about everything in your portfolio site, but you can polish your image in a more appealing way that attracts favors from college boards and companies.

5. Archive for certificates

Portfolio websites enable the transfer of certificates and other important documents with ease. This is possible based on the fact that portfolio websites can be configured to contain platforms like OnPowerWeb that allows file transfer in a controlled pattern allowing users to arrange documents in an organized manner.

6. Helps to showcase the real you

Social media can share wrong perceptions about a person especially if the user regularly shares negative contents. However, portfolio sites erase these views by showcasing the real nature of the person because it provides a formal or professional history of the individual. Therefore, students with negative social media presence can build up a positive reputation as a result of this.

7. Puts you online

A portfolio website will keep you within online reach such that your relevant information will be available to the public. This is possible because portfolio websites can be linked to social media profiles such that when the student is searched on the net, the student’s social media pages pops up together with links to the portfolio site.

8. Win you favors

When you apply for a college admission or job with a company, the college or company board respectively will request for a curriculum vitae providing information about you. However, using a portfolio website that contains videos, audios and pictures in place of a curriculum vitae containing only texts will present you as a serious contender for the job.

9. Path to career formulation

A portfolio site should tell the successes of a student and a result of this, you can choose a path to career formulation that suits you. You can analyze your strengths and weaknesses so far and develop a new strategy that will bring better results. A portfolio site is an invaluable key for career and personal development.

10.Boosts self confidence

Success can be achieved when confidence levels are at their highest and portfolio websites will boost your self-confidence by organizing your accomplishments in a manner that spurs motivation. The boost of self-confidence will help to replicate further successes.

In summary, a portfolio is a platform that helps a student to present himself or herself in an organized way that provides cheer and motivation to him or her. Also, it helps in the storage of information for future use incase damages are done to physical documents. Hence, to enjoy the various benefits of owning a portfolio site, create and manage your portfolio site right away. Nevertheless, you can visit to learn and practice the necessary steps in creating a portfolio site.