Reasons Not To Remove The Tree Yourself


As much as you’d want to do everything on your own when it comes to maintenance, there are some things that are highly dangerous. One such thing is tree cutting or removal. The tree could be near the house and one wrong move will mean punctures to your whole roofing structure. There are so many reasons why you should be looking for a tree removal contractor instead of doing everything on your own and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Major Commitment

Cutting a tree will require that you’re committed to the whole process. It is tedious and time-consuming. There is also a chance that you’ll need extra help in order to do it right. The weekends are meant to be spent with friends and family. You shouldn’t have to figure out what you should be doing with the stump in your backyard. Instead, you should be looking for Tree Removal Kelowna so you can focus on spending quality time on what is truly important.

Highly Dangerous

This perhaps one of the main reasons why it is not recommended to remove the tree on your own. The whole process is highly dangerous even if you’re following the right safety procedures. For starters, you’ll need to get the right safety equipment to avoid potential injuries. You might have planned everything in detail and try influencing the fall of the tree. Mistakes happen and you don’t want to pay the price by being injured or experiencing damage to property. It will also be difficult to prevent damage to property when attempting to remove a tree stump. The best thing you can do would be to reach out to an experienced tree removal company to help out with the process.

It Will Be Expensive

You might think that you’ll be saving a ton of money by deciding to do the removal on your own but that isn’t always the case. Tree removal is resource-intensive. You’ll first have to invest in the right equipment and safety gear. You will also need to purchase insurance depending on the state requirements. You might also need to get a license and permits which will be a different hassle altogether. There is also the time considerations that a lot of people will fail to factor in when going through such an undertaking. In the end, it will be cheaper to hire a professional instead of doing the tree removal on your own.

Power Lines

When there are power lines around the area, the tree removal process becomes hazardous even for the professionals, and attempting to do it on your own will obviously be a bad idea. Knocking the power lines could lead to electrocution and loss of power in the whole neighborhood. The neighbors or the city could decide to sue you which will result in serious financial implications. You can avoid such a predicament by getting in touch with an experienced professional for tree removal.

You Have The Resources to Hire an Expert

Most homeowners will want to save on maintenance whenever possible. This could mean doing a lot of work on your own. If you have the money to pay someone to provide the services, it will help in making better use of your time. Most tree removal services are affordable and there is no reason why you’d want to undertake such a risky task on your own when you can let an expert handle it on your behalf. To have an idea of how much you’ll be expected to pay, you can reach out to multiple contractors for a quote.

Having looked at some of the reasons not to remove the tree on your own, you’ll probably be wondering about the qualities of a good tree removal expert. To separate the grain from the chaff, it is imperative that you’re narrowing down the search to your locality. It could be an emergency situation and you’d want someone that offers prompt services.

You should also look at the experience of the tree removal contractor. How long have they been working and can they provide references for the work? Don’t just look at the price when making a hiring decision as it is not always reflective of the services that you can expect. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured as the nature of work is highly dangerous and you don’t want to be liable in case of an injury or damage to property. The most important consideration is that you’re not doing the removal on your own.

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