Reasons behind the Change of Address Announcement and its Benefits


By forwarding your mail with the U.S. Postal Service, you are ensuring that you will not miss a bill or birthday card after you move, but you will still expect your friends and family members to be informed about your new home address. The announcement will help your nearest and dearest one to know about whereabouts.

Why do you need a Change of Address Announcement?

Your loved ones must know where exactly you are moving. However, in terms of the USA, you may need to alert the post office of your move. Therefore, change of address announcements can be essential for you to do while moving to a new address. The following are the five different ways that you can announce your change of address that people will not soon forget.

Ways to Send out Moving Announcement

Send Post Cards from Your New City

You should order some postcards from your new home town and use them as change-of-address cards for your people. You may also add some vintage tags if you want to see it more beautiful. It is considered to be using the colorful postcards than the standard white notecard. Colorful postcards are typically used to be making it to a bulletin board than a standard white notecard.

Record a Fun Video Announcement

It would be best if you did not go with special announcements. It may cost you more time. Instead, you should create a single video clip that can be sent to everyone at once. After making a video clip, you should post it to Facebook and Instagram or send it via text or email. It is also necessary for you to add a visual of your new address during the video or insert a graphic on the screen.

Create Custom Magnets

It is better to give your friends and family a reminder that’s certain to stick around. Have a look at Shutterfly or Vistaprint and get custom magnets with your new address. Your friends will also have a free magnet to hold up their takeout menus, and you will get their holiday cards at the appropriate address.

Go Digital with a GIF

Everyone likes a GIF. However, if you are savvy to work with a program like Giphy, you better need to take a short video of your new home or just your family members’ excited faces and add text with your new address. You will not like to share the GIF with a public database, so you should create it in a privacy mood on whatever platform you use.

Create and Send a Card from Your Mobile Device

Do you want to know the easiest way to get a sure-to-stand-out message across? You need to use a Canva or another free editing program to create a flyer on your smartphone or tablet. In this process, you can insert an image of your new place as the background, and add a message announcing when and where you will be moving. You can order these messages as prints or sending out as a PDF. However, moving to a new house is exciting, but the problem is with the address. You might forget to alert the post office about your new address. However, when you make your announcement fun, it may be less likely a chore for you but more memorable for the recipients. It would help if you did not put it off. It takes time for your relatives or loved ones to remember your move.

Benefits of sending Moving Announcement

There are many benefits of mailing moving cards. The followings are three significant benefits of mailing moving cards:

Housewarming gifts you didn’t know were coming

Everyone likes gifts. However, mailing moving cards may result in a few unexpected gifts from some of your loved ones.

Birthday and holiday cards that reach you

If you expect your friends and loved ones with you on your birthday. It would be best if you mailed them moving cards, which may remind them of your new address to wish you on your birthday.

Messages of encouragement

Gifts are always exciting. Apart from expecting a gift, a simple message also plays a significant influence on your relationship with your friends and loved ones. Even sending a simple message may build your network well with your friends and loves ones.


The moving announcement is very advantageous. It helps you to keep yourself connected with your loved ones. Your relatives, friends, and loved ones will be happy when you send out a change of address announcement.

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