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A nightstand, as an alternative night time desk, bedside desk, day stand or bedside cupboard, is a small desk or cupboard designed to face beside a mattress or some other place in a bedroom. 

Modern nightstands are generally small bedside tables, frequently with one or occasionally greater drawers and/or cabinets and much less usually with a small door. To know more about the other differences between nightstands and bedside tables besides their size, read The Difference Between Nightstands and Bedside Tables.

They are frequently used to guide objects that is probably beneficial throughout the night time, which includes a desk lamp, analysing matter, mobile phone, eyeglasses, tissues, a drink, or medication.


Before indoor flush lavatories have become commonplace, the principle feature of a nightstand turned into to comprise a chamber pot. As a result, early nightstands had been frequently small shelves, occasionally outfitted with a drawer, and generally containing an enclosed garage area beneath blanketed via way of means of one or greater doors. 

Décor items that looks:

A lampshade:

Every nightstand ought to have a terrific lampshade and if the relaxation of your decor is easy, you could splurge in your lampshade.

Whether you want an easy or extravagant lampshade, select out the only which you locate will make your nightstand appearance better.

However, in case you need to feature different objects as well, you may need to move for a smaller lamp to healthy the relaxation of the stuff in any other case it can appearance too cluttered.

Stack of books:

If you like analysing at night time, snatch some books you intend to study subsequent and stack them at the nightstand.

This will upload to the decor however even in case you’re now no longer a large reader, you could nonetheless location any book in case you simply need to feature something easy anyway.

The fantastic factor approximately this concept is that you may continually location a small decoration on pinnacle of those books for an additional characteristic and in general, this appears definitely correct on a nightstand.


Try which include a small diffuser in your nightstand. This bottle with its sticks will make your decor appearance correct however additionally make certain the whole room smells amazing.

There are masses of less expensive and fascinating diffusers which might be fantastic in your room so we might advocate selecting up a bottle.

This object also can be paired with the book concept via way of means of setting the diffuser on pinnacle of the stack of books in case you don’t have any greater area at the nightstand.

Pot plant:

A smooth and short manner to decorate your decor might be to location a pot plant at the desk. This will make a adorable addition to the nightstand and it won’t sense like something is missing. Add as many pot vegetation as you want however maintain a chunk of area for some different objects.

Gem boxes:

Place a quite container that’s blanketed with jewels or crystals and you could save your most-used earrings portions in here. Or you may use this container to maintain tissues instead of the use of the standard cardboard container that it comes with. This will upload for your decor in a fantastic manner and make the distance appearance better.


This blog post gathers information about rattan nightstand and explain that decorating those small locations in your own home is continually a thrilling assignment and one that you could locate hundreds of satisfaction in doing so. As on this case, there are such a lot of unique objects to place that appears correct on a nightstand.

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