Quality Over Time: The Reason Why Experts Choose a Standing Desk


Standing desks are becoming more popular nowadays even though it is not a new invention. We know that Leonardo da Vinci was using a standing desk, and further, some more prominent persons used to give their preference to standing desks instead of traditional ones.

Then, this desk type was almost forgotten, until relatively recent times, when people have faced health issues connected with prolonged sitting. So, the trend for standing desks is back, and for a reason. These items offer not only more comfort and flexibility but take proper care of your health.

Modern desks are not cheap. Some people say this is one of the main reasons why they cannot purchase such a desk. Well, in such a case, you can check top-quality table tops in Canada, purchase a lifting frame, and build your own desk.

So, why shall you choose a standing desk instead of a traditional one? The reasons are multiple.

Reason 1 – Health

How often do you get up and change your position when you are working at a traditional table? We bet you don`t do it frequently. If there is a pressing deadline, you might spend days without breaks working at your computer.

But if you use a standing desk, you don`t need to take a break from work to change your position or even do some exercises. You can move the desk in a standing position and work like this. You can also do some muscle stretches and other simple exercises that don`t require you to interrupt your work.

A standing desk can serve as wonderful support if you decide, for example, to do push-ups or similar exercises.

Reason 2 – Comfort

A standing desk means not only exercising or changing your position while working. It allows you to adjust the desk height and all the equipment in proper positions. So, in a standing position, your feet shall rest on the floor, your hands are supposed to rest on the keyboard, and the PC screen has to be located at the level of your eyes. Frequently, such an adjustment is impossible if you use a traditional desk. You have to sacrifice, say, feet position for the sake of your hands, and similar. With a standing desk, these issues are eliminated.

Another detail is not connected with health. It is rather about your emotional comfort, your mood. Some people cannot work in the same place, they need to move around. If you work from your home office, you can equip your desk with lockable wheels. So, you can move around your office.  Click here for Standing Desk Australia.

Reason 3 – Convenience

A standing desk comes with all the needed details to make your work as convenient as it is possible:

  • So, you can get a special drawer to attach it under the desk top and keep accessories needed for work.
  • If you use a computer with a CPU, you can purchase a CPU holder that can be fixed under the desk top. Such CPU holders are reliable and convenient. They also are almost not seen, so the sight of a bulky holder with a CPU will not bother you.
  • Monitor support can also be purchased if you feel that you cannot adjust your monitor as needed.

Some Details to Consider

While a standing desk is definitely a good thing, don`t try to stand constantly when you are working. When you are standing constantly, your feet are loaded excessively, your back is constantly loaded, and other issues might occur. The idea of using a standing desk is in the ability to interchange a standing and a sitting position. Only if you do it correctly, the wished effects are guaranteed, and you will feel the benefits of using a standing desk as it is promised.

Bottom Line

Yes, we agree that a standing desk is not a cheap investment. But it brings so many benefits that people save money to buy one. Now, when you know the reasons, you understand that a standing desk is not just a mere furniture piece. It is an investment into your health, mood, and work productivity. Make sure you equip and adjust it properly, and you can enjoy the healthiest and the most pleasant working place ever.

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