Qualities to Look for When Buying CBD Products

CBD was deemed safe for consumption in 2018 by the World Health Organisation. Since then the market has exploded and the sheer volume of products reaching our shelves and online stores was impressive. Much like any product, certain companies will try and make cheaper versions to sell to the public. These won’t have the same qualities or ingredients, meaning it could potentially be dangerous or just not worth the money. This is why it’s so important to look for certain qualities when buying products like CBD, but what are they? 

It’s Not Too Good To Be True 

When it comes to high-quality CBD it’s not cheap to make. There’s no way around it. This means if the price is too low, then it’s most probably going to be made from inferior or contaminated products. It’s also likely that it won’t contain much CBD at all. It’s not essential to search for the most expensive oil, instead take a look at all the components and weigh up the price. Be sure to check out great options like Canna Express – Cannabis Delivery Company.

How Is The CBD Extracted?

Looking at how CBD is extracted is important. Using safe methods is essential to your health. You don’t want to be ingesting anything that has been in contact with potentially disastrous chemicals. Safe solvents are the ones to go for and anyone looking after their CBD products will ensure that this happens. The CO2 method is a safe extraction that is free of any additive or additional chemicals. Avoid those products using propane, pentane, hexane, or butane, these leave dangerous contaminants behind. 

Look At The THC Content 


THC is the chemical from the cannabis plant that makes us feel “high”. It’s also illegal, so it’s best to avoid it. CBD products have a limit of how much THC they can contain which is 0.03%. Poor processing can boost the levels of THC within your oil and will create a psychoactive effect which is something not everyone wants. 

Has It Been Tested?

Every company that supplies CBD oil should be verifiably tested. First, check to see if they are transparent about this. Any company that makes a decent product will have this information available to the public. Most of the time it’s on the bottle, the box, an insert, or even on their website. Those with good results tend to be proud of them, so they often shout about it. If a company has no test results and is shady about disclosing them, then it’s safe to say you should avoid them as a company. There’s no need to buy inferior products.  Be sure to check out options like delta 8 thc carts as well.

Grown In A Good Area 

The hemp plant is one that absorbs everything from the soil it’s grown in whether buying products in America, Europe or else where. Anything decent in the soil, such as vitamins and minerals will be sucked up by the plant and will be present in the products. Much the same, it can also absorb anything bad in the soil, such as lead, toxic chemicals, or even petrol. 

Companies should grow their cannabis plants in soil tested areas, as required by the government. If it’s grown in poor areas, then it will be a low-quality, potentially dangerous product to consume. 

Never cheap out when buying CBD, it’s never worth it. If you’re looking for the desired effects testified by the millions of people currently using it, then it’s worth doing your research and looking into which one is going to be best for you. This doesn’t mean the most expensive, but it means checking up on the company to ensure they’re doing their bit to get you the best product possible.