Qualities of a Good Mom

Every mom is good in her own way and it will be unfair to compare them based on some standards. There are some traits that are universally accepted when looking at the qualities of a good mom. At some point, you’ve Googled the qualities of a good mom when you’re having doubts about your abilities. It is perfectly normal to worry about such things. As long as you’re showing unconditional support, you’re already doing things right. Here are some of the qualities that we think make a good mom. The list is not exhaustive but will provide a general idea of the qualities.

Be a Good Role Model

A good mom is one that is a great role model for the kids. You want your children growing up to be respectful and loving. Kids emulate what they see through actions more than anything else. You will be the first role model that your children get to know and that is why it is imperative that you’re setting a good example. Show them how they should behave and the things they should and shouldn’t do. Don’t preach water and drink wine because kids learn a lot from the behavior.

Set Boundaries and Rules

Kids need to know that there are consequences for some actions. That is why it is important that there rules and boundaries in place. Make sure you’re consistent with the rules so that the kids know there are repercussions when they fail to follow them. The same should also be applicable when you’re disciplining them. You don’t want the kids to be confused between what is right and what is wrong. The punishment should match the crime.

Be Loving

If there is one advice that you can take away is to be loving to your kids. Kids that are loved will grow up with a strong support system. You also need to be supportive. Your kid could still be learning to potty train and don’t want them to feel like it is the end of the world if they don’t succeed. Your kids will need you in different circumstances and it can be easy to assume that your help is not wanted. Always show support and love to your kids no matter what they could be going through in their lives.

Be Patient

Kids are going to step on every nerve even those you never thought you had. That is where patience will come in. It is a virtue that will come with your first kid immediately you hold the baby for the first time. It can take a while before kids perfectly understand what they should be doing. If you show signs of irritation, you kid might not learn to fear you, which is not something that you’d want when trying to create a conducive environment. Patience is something that a lot of parents struggle with but remember you want to be setting good examples for kids and yelling at the mall won’t help with this regard.


Your kids are bound to make a lot of mistakes. It is part of being human and you should forgive, not once, or twice but so many times. You kids will also need to learn to say sorry in case they’ve done something wrong. It should be noted that forgiveness works both ways. You will also make mistakes as a mom and have to apologize. Put pride aside and ask your child for forgiveness if you feel like you have done your kid wrong.


You will spend a lot of time with the kid. You want to make sure you’re a responsible mom right from the beginning. There is nothing wrong going online to compare boba wrap vs moby wrap when looking for the best baby products. That is all part of nurturing and want to ensure that your kid is getting the best nurturing. This is something that will come naturally for a lot of mothers but you can still learn on the job. You shouldn’t stress yourself just because you can’t get it right in the first attempt. It might take some time to build confidence but the most important thing is that you’re showing love.


For a parent, your kids need to know that they’re loved and supported. They can only know it through actions. They follow what they see their mom doing and that is why you need to be a role model for your kids. You want them to have a good upbringing.