Pros and cons of studio layouts


With the development of architecture and building in the world, we are lucky to be able to choose from a variety of options. The apartment can be compact or spacious, depending on the budget and location, but one of the most popular questions about the layouts is “should we choose a studio or separately placed living room?” This question requires investigation and diving into statistics. So, this is what we are going to do. In the meantime, visit living room 3D planner to see how your apartment could look in both variants. We combine our production studio Brooklyn expertise with a mission to empower you to be your best self in front of the camera.

First, we need to realize what studio layout means. Basically, it is a living room combined with a kitchen, with no wall in between. This trick is usually used in big flats, where there is no need to add one more room, as there are enough of them. However, sometimes in a small flat studio can become a solution to bring more airiness to the space.

So, speaking of the advantages of studio, there are the following:

1. Possibility to try the craziest designer ideas. As we have a combined space, we need to zone in properly. This is the place where designer taste takes over. Experiment with the walls and shelves, curtains and partitions – all of it will create a special atmosphere and style in studio apartments.

2. Bigger living room and bigger kitchen. Many people think that if they combine these two objects, they will reduce a room from the apartment. But it is not really true. On the contrary, this hack helps to omit one wall. So, as a result you get a big living room on the one hand and a big kitchen on the other.

3. More comfort while accepting guests. No need to try and balance between the meals cooking in the kitchen and spending time with your friends – because now you have it all in one place! From now on if you need to finish the dish, the communication will not suffer.

However, there are some difficulties which also can be brought by designing a studio layout. It is highly important that you get rid of the feeling of “sitting in the kitchen” by creating several working zones. You can check how it can be done using this link Oh, and also do not forget to provide really good ventilation, so that all the smells from the kitchen do not stay in the apartment, especially since it is joined to the living room. A powerful hood can become a smart solution to this problem.

As you can see, there are some pros and cons of almost every decision when it comes to design. The main thing is to figure out your own priorities.


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