Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning the carpet, circumstances ranging from time, energy and budget would ensure carpet cleaning happens in-between times and not often as other forms of cleaning. Multiple carpet cleaning machines often work in the same manner and produce good results, however, they could be limited and not produce the desired result. In this article on Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. DIY Carpet cleaning, the benefits, differences, and distinctions between professional and self-carpet cleaning will be highlighted and discussed.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning is simply hiring professionals with the better know-how to handle your carpet cleaning, maintenance, and revamp. Several commercial cleaning services offer carpet cleaning as one of their services. In simplest terms, Professional carpet cleaning is very similar to dry cleaning. The differences between professional carpet cleaning and DIY carpet cleaning are highlighted in the sections below:

Differences, Distinctions, and Benefits.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning is the most effective of carpet cleaning especially for carpets that have been in use for long periods. 
  • Professional carpet cleaning would effectively get rid of all kinds of pet stains and odors the carpet might have absorbed over a given period. Often, deep stains go down into the main floor causing discoloration, mildew, and of course odor. 
  • Professional carpet cleaners understand how best to restore the carpet to the same thing you fell in love with at the showroom while at the same time taking into cognizance the need to restore the original floorboard.
  • Professional carpet cleaning relatively gets rid of the stress, saves time, and is more effective than self-cleaning. 
  • Professional carpet cleaning could also come in various forms depending on the need of your carpet; hot water extraction is also known as carpet steaming or chemical cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Rates.

Most professional carpet cleaning services charge between $240 on chemical cleaning and $260 on professional carpet steaming for every 260 square meters.

Do It Yourself (DIY)? Carpet Cleaning.

A do-it-yourself approach is always innovative and of course, the best way to save a few bucks. However, is it always efficient? When it comes to carpet cleaning, not many people consider a DIY approach for a complete revamp, this is because the [process is usually intricate. For DIY carpet cleaning, you may want to consider a regular cleaning, a few chemicals, your vacuum cleaner et cetera. Below are the differences, distinctions, and best instances to opt for a DIY carpet cleaning.

DIY carpet cleaning; distinctions, benefits, procedure.

  • For most people who clean their carpets themselves, a cleaning machine is usually rented from a store if they do not exactly have theirs. 
  • A vacuum is used for the removal of the first dirt after which, the chemicals are poured onto the carpet and left to rot for about twenty minutes for dirt like pet waste, nail polish, Choco, etc. to crystallize. Only then can it be cleaned using the machine, taking out every nitty-gritty bit of dirt from the carpet. 
  • Usually, the carpet is turned over to take off the dust that may have been segmented in the bottom. 
  • In DIY carpet cleaning, hot water extraction or Carpet steaming is rarely used because it is very tedious especially if your carpet is large.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Costs

The costs for a DIY carpet cleaning cannot be easily gauged. There is the cost of renting the, the cost of chemicals which both vary according to g to your region and of course, the size of the carpet.


While DIY is always innovative, practical, and best for your finances, professional cleaning is needed for the deep cleaning of your carpet to return its sheen and shine.

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