Porcelain Tabletops: A Low Maintenance Option for Home Building

When it comes to creating a timelessly beautiful and functional space in your home, porcelain tabletops are an excellent option. With its glossy finish and waterproof characteristics, the material is durable enough to withstand even heavy-duty use while providing a graceful touch of elegance to any room. From high-end residences to commercial locations, you can find porcelain tabletops practically everywhere – from restaurants and cafés to hotel lobbies – due its attractive appearance that complements both transitional and contemporary spaces. Whether you’re building a new home or simply giving your existing one a facelift, consider selecting porcelain for your tabletop needs; not only does it bring with it durability and versatility, but also boasts incredibly low maintenance requirements for hassle-free upkeep. In this blog post we dive into the advantages of using porcelain table tops in any home setting — read on!

1. The benefits of porcelain tabletops

Porcelain tabletops are quickly becoming the go-to for homeowners looking for a sleek and modern addition to their space. In addition to their sophisticated appearance, porcelain tabletops offer multiple benefits. Durability is a key advantage of porcelain since it is extremely resistant to chips and scratches, meaning it will look pristine for years after being installed. Another positive attribute is its low maintenance; porcelain surfaces are easy to clean and are inherently stain-resistant. Overall, porcelain tabletops offer an attractive design aesthetic with reliable performance that make them an excellent choice when considering tabletop material.

2. How to care for your porcelain tabletop

Caring for a porcelain tabletop is easier than one may think. The key is to take the proper steps in order to keep its glossy finish looking pristine. First things first, it’s important to clean up spills right away as the surface could wear down if left too long. Use warm water and gentle detergent when regularly wiping down the table, avoiding any heavy scrubbing that can wears down its glazed top layer. It is also best to use placemats and coasters as this will provide extra protection from scratches and accidental chips caused by plates or flatware being placed directly onto it. Lastly, when dusting make sure you are using a microfiber cloth designed for household surfaces such as glass or porcelain so that no scratches occur during the process. With proper care and maintenance, your porcelain tabletop will continue to be a beautiful centerpiece in your home for many years to come!

3. Porcelain tabletop trends for 2023

Home décor trends for 2023 have already begun to surface, with porcelain table tops leading the way! Porcelain provides a durable and elegant option to complete any tabletop look while complementing a variety of styles. From classic muted gray and white designs to colorful off-beat shapes and designs, porcelain can be used in almost any setting. Most available pieces are customizable, allowing one’s individual style to shine through. Thankfully, it comes in various price points, making it an achievable addition for nearly every household. With its practicality and versatility, porcelain is quickly becoming the sought-after material in many homes this year.

While glass and natural stone table tops are still popular, building trends are moving towards low-maintenance materials like porcelain. Porcelain tabletops offer durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and stains—making them a great option for busy families or those who entertain often. Plus, with so many style options available, it’s easy to find a look that fits your homebuilding project. Ready to learn more about this trendy material? Contact a professional now!.