Popcorn Ceiling Removal – A Complex Job


Popcorn ceilings — too out of date

Home decorating styles change over time and what was once trendy and the latest thing is now out of date. And ahh the 70s… many homes had popcorn ceilings put in.

Remove Popcorn Texture from Ceiling – 1/3 of a room in less than 12 minutes

Homeowners may not realize that having popcorn ceilings in their houses can undermine their property’s resale value. Not only it looks ugly and outdated, but it is also hazardous to health since popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos.

If you want to remove the popcorn ceiling in your home to enhance its resale value or simply want to update the look of your ceiling, you may need some points to consider before proceeding.

What is a popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling is also called acoustical ceiling, cottage cheese ceiling or Stucco ceiling. This is a kind of a ceiling treatment which is either like the paint has been sprayed. It was very much in vogue in American residences especially during the 1960s to the 1970s due to its unique and low maintenance look as well as its ability to absorb noise.

In the late 1970s, the Clean Air Act banned asbestos as ceiling treatments in many homes. Asbestos contains properties that when inhaled, can cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer and asbestosis

You should consider replacing your popcorn ceilings in your home if you have encountered these types of problems:

  • Discoloration or yellowing of the texture
  • Dust or grease which will be hard to clean
  • Falling or flaking popcorn texture
  • Watermarks from leaks
  • Old ceilings that might have asbestos

Home for lead testing before the removal

One important question you should ask is: should your home be tested for lead before getting forward with the removal?

The answer is: Yes! In fact, this is HIGHLY recommended or even a prerequisite, especially if your house was built before 1978 when the Clean Air Act’s banning of asbestos went into effect.

If you proceed with the popcorn ceiling removal without having your home tested, it could be hazardous to adults, children, and pets. That’s why it’s important that you hire a certified contractor to have your home tested for lead. This is something you want to consider carefully to ensure your and your family’s health and safety.

If you intend to do the work yourself, you may have saved yourself a little money but it might not be as much as you think.

Firstly, your house should be tested for lead, and you think you might not be able to determine that yourself without using special equipment (besides not being certified).

Another, removing popcorn ceiling requires special protections such as respirators and eye protection, which aren’t light on the pocket anyway. Besides, removing popcorn ceiling by all your own can be too time-consuming. Another, there’s the possibility of collateral damage if you’re not being too careful in the removal.

After you’re through with the removal, you also need to take heed at the proper disposal of the
mess you’ve worked from the ceiling. A special waste container is needed when carefully dispensing of the mess. Then the container can be picked up by the waste disposal company.  Be sure to also get help from great options like Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Fort Worth, TX.

How about painted popcorn ceilings? They are actually even harder to remove because the paint also acts as a glue to the tiles, making prying the tiles all the more difficult. Another, removing this type of ceiling creates even more mess.

You may well be aware that removing a popcorn ceiling will lead to much mess, so it is important to fully cover everything in the room where the ceiling removal takes place. You should cover the furniture, wall decorations, tables, some appliances, and even vents. It wouldn’t hurt too if you seek the advice of a ceiling expert. He/she will tell you on how to properly cover your belongings, clean up the mess and make your home looking so much better than it was before the removal.

Hiring the right contractor to do the job

Do you wonder if how long you should expect the removal to take? The answer: it depends. It depends on how much popcorn ceiling shall be removed, your home’s overall condition, the number of levels of your home, as well as how high the ceilings are.

If your home has so much more popcorn ceilings to be removed than you may realize, it’s best to leave your house for a day or two while the removal is being carried out.

Finding the right contractor is of high importance. So thorough research is recommended. You may want to ask a neighbor, relatives or friends who have hired a professional help on ceiling removal.

You may also want to ask references from companies who have done the ceiling removal. Then call those people who hired those companies and ask them if they recommend those companies to you or to others. Make sure you find out how big their job was compared to yours. It’s also suggested that you verify if these companies have licenses and certifications. You may also want to approach the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as they will be able to let you know if there have been any complaints about specific contractors.

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