Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t DIY Yourself

Your home systems, no matter their current condition, should always be looked after. The heating, electrical, air, and plumbing systems must work harmoniously to keep your residence safe and comfortable for your daily life. While your home systems aren’t showing any signs of damage or need for repair, you shouldn’t neglect maintenance. Else, you’ll be facing a worse problem.

As with any other home systems, your home’s plumbing system plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe collection and transportation of water in and out of your household. Due to their complexity and the risk of water contamination, there are certain plumbing issues that have to be attended by a professional plumber Sudbury, or anywhere in the world.

If you’re currently facing a plumbing problem, pause for a while and see if these belong to this list of plumbing problems that you shouldn’t fix yourself:

Suboptimal Water Pressure

It can be tempting to resolve an issue about low water pressure yourself since it’ll greatly hinder your bathroom activities. Suddenly experience trickling water from your faucets or showerheads can really test your patience and make you ready to call a great option like Halifax plumbers.

Make sure to pay close attention as to why the water pressure is low before trying to fix it. First, check your faucet aerators and showerheads for any build-up of sediments, grime, or dirt and clean them.

However, if low water pressure continues to persist, you should immediately seek a plumbing expert. There are several underlying causes of suboptimal water pressure, such as problems in water supply, incorrect pipe sizes, clogged pipes, or leaking connections. These can only be addressed properly by a professional plumber.

Water Heater Installation

Having a constant supply of hot water makes your daily life a lot easier since there’s no need to manually heat water for taking baths, cooking, making coffee, and more.

When you’re having a water heater inside your household for the first time, it can be a problem to install these devices by yourself. When installing your water heater freshly out from the box, hire Plumbers in Sudbury, if you’re from here, for an efficient and fool-proof installation.

Installing a water heater involves hooking up the system into a gas line that’ll heat water through gas, which is never a do-it-yourself project.

Also, when it comes to electric tankless water heaters, incorrect installation can lead to water and moisture escaping out of the device. In turn, mold can rapidly grow in the enclosed space without you knowing.

Water Heater Leaks

Once you’ve successfully installed your water heater, another challenge that you’re going to encounter is when your water heater has failed you in a form of leaking water. When you notice water leaking out of the tank, which is a common problem in water heaters, there’s something wrong with its components that you shouldn’t meddle with.

However, you can try to find the source of the leak and turn off the power and water supply of the heater. Consequently, call a plumbing expert to resolve this issue.

Usually, leaks happen in water heaters due to excessive pressure and overheating, causing the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve) to keep open and allow water to escape.

Serious Pipe and Drainage Clogs

With numerous remedies that you can find online, toilet and sink clogs look easy to fix.

But, not all clogged pipes and drainage can be resolved with baking soda and vinegar, so don’t immediately improvise this idea. These will only work with small scale clogs, but when it’s something serious, have your expert handle this situation.

Plumbing experts can ensure that your pipes and drainage will be removed of clogs safely without causing water damage and larger leak issues to backfire. Moreover, they can ensure that there will be no potential damages to other parts of the plumbing system, like pipes, fixtures, home appliances, and furniture.

Burst Pipes

In colder regions, homeowners are more susceptible to experiencing burst pipes during the winter season. Thankfully, homeowners have chances to minimize them from happening.

Since it’s freezing cold during winter, your pipes can start freezing and bursting, causing tremendous water damage to your household. You can prevent your water pipes from bursting through the following tips:

  • Open up cabinets with water pipes inside to allow them to get in contact with heat

  • Repair and seal cracks on the pipes

  • Allow your faucets to drip. This is to keep the movement of water that’s inside the pipes

  • Set heating systems at comfortable level in your home

  • Put insulation on your pipes, especially those in cold situations

Still, there’s no guarantee that you’ll not experience any burst pipes in the winter with the help of these tips, but you can minimize them from occurring. In emergency circumstances, where your pipes have already burst, contact a plumbing professional without any hesitation.


Instead of facing your plumbing issues with uncertain solutions, find the best plumber around your area to help keep your plumbing system working safely and efficiently. In this way, you can avoid the worst cases to happen, like damaging other components of your plumbing system and spending way more than you’re supposed to in hiring a plumber immediately.

Whether you have issues in low water pressure, water heater installation, water heater leaks, serious clogs in pipes and drainage system, and bursting pipes, seek an expert’s help immediately to make your plumbing system sound again.