Perks You’ll Definitely Enjoy When Accomplishing Microsoft AZ-400 Certification Exam


Do you want to be an expert in working with Microsoft DevOps Solutions as well as Azure administrative functions? Then hop aboard the Microsoft AZ-400 certification exam path and become an adept professional with in-demand skills. And to further fuel your interest in pursuing such a test, here are some of the remarkable benefits enjoyed by successful exam-takers:

It is associated with a globally recognized designation

First of all, the exam in question is the gateway to a noteworthy certification called the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert. This particular endorsement proves that you have the in-depth capability in handling the ins and outs of Azure DevOps, allowing you to do your tasks efficiently and providing a notable impact on the business.


It proves your technical skillset in Microsoft Azure

The AZ-400 exam itself focuses on specific tasks that highlight your ability in running Azure DevOps. All in all, there are seven main areas that constitute the test coverage, starting with the development of an instrumentation strategy (1). Then, it also demonstrates that you can efficiently build an SRE strategy (2) as well as create security and compliance plans (3). Other key areas underlined are your expertise in managing source control (4), administering communication features (5), implementing continuous integration (6), and maximizing release strategy and continuous delivery (7). With these core exam objectives, it’s important that you already have prior experience in dealing with people, technologies, and processes.

It expands your career opportunities

One of the many reasons why workers want to be Microsoft certified is the opportunities it brings to their careers. Applicants with an endorsement from a renowned tech giant like Microsoft are definitely more marketable because of the bearing they hold. Accordingly, the Microsoft AZ-400 certification exam opens up a lot of job roles for you. These, for example, include an Azure infrastructure engineer, Azure DevOps engineer, associate software engineer, and quality assurance engineer, among others.

It increases your financial worth

Of course, having a prestigious certification under your belt has a great impact on your salary rate. Thus, according to PayScale, the average income of a DevOps engineer with Microsoft Azure skills is $100,854 per year. And considering the level of the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert validation, which is on the advanced tier, this means that your financial value is more significant. In addition, your experience and position in the organization play a huge role in your salary increase .

It keeps your skills current and in-demand

Certification exams are continuously updated to ensure their relevance to your professional career. So, when studying for the main Microsoft AZ-400, be sure to use the updated test coverage to keep up with the changes incorporated in the measured objectives.


More than just the recognition it brings, the Microsoft AZ-400 certification evaluation proves that you are fully ready to conquer the Azure industry. Your expertise in developing and implementing relevant strategies is highly in demand among organizations that want to incessantly deliver business value. So, if you’re interested in harnessing your knowledge in collaboration, delivery, source control, code, compliance, and such, take your time in preparing for this technical path and enjoy all its amazing perks.


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