Peloton Alternatives To Deliver A Great Workout


Peloton revolutionised the indoor-cycling world and grew in mass popularity since its introduction in 2012 to homes around the world. The branded has been awarded numerous awards and accolades and offers a touch screen to make the workout experience even more enjoyable. However, as it sits at one of the highest price points on the market, at around $3000, and while having the screen actually offers limited features, some customers are starting to look for a Peloton alternative to suit their cycling needs. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the best Peloton alternatives on the market which can still deliver a great workout.

Nordic Track S22i

This luxury indoor cycling unit is one of the most popular alternatives to the Peloton brand. Offering a world class cycling experience and a huge 22” rotating smart HD touchscreen, the Nordic Track S22i features more features than ever before. One of the most exciting parts of these features is the destination workouts that the screen offers, allowing you to enjoy some of the most stunning locations across the globe without needing to leave your home. These trainers also digitally adjust with 20% incline control and 10% decline control and offers a revolutionary technology in its Quiet Drive Incline Tech to provide a real workout experience. The Nordic Track S22i doesn’t just offer studio sessions or destination routes though, it can also provide yoga, mindfulness, strength training and more all as part of the inbuilt technology. Enjoy all of this in real comfort with an ergonomic padded saddle, non-slip multi-position handlebar and AutoBreeze™ workout fan.

BowFlex VeloCore

Although this particular alternative sits at a similar price point to Peloton, it offers a wealth of features which Peloton doesn’t. Both of the bikes offer a large display, with BowFlex VeloCore offering a 22” HD touchscreen, however it’s what these touchscreens can do which is the real difference. With the BowFlex VeloCore, you have the ability to use streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music and Amazon Prime while you ride, and you don’t have to opt in for the JRNY $20/month subscription cost if you’d prefer to simply stream your favourite shows and movies. On top of this, the BowFlex VeloCore offers a ‘leaning mode’ which helps to simulate a real riding experience, giving you the opportunity to engage and use muscles which you normally would outside but often don’t use on indoor bikes.

Keiser M3i Lite Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a quieter alternative to the Peloton at a lower price point than the Reiser M3i Lite may be the best choice for you. With the Digme spin studio at home subscription included with bike rentals or free for a year with purchased bikes, you can get access not just to workouts but also to HIIT and yoga classes where needed. The Keiser M3i Lite is bulky however it stays quiet and offers a console to help with tracking distance and speed. The major downside to this Peloton alternative is the lack of a screen meaning you’d need your own tablet or laptop to get the most out of the classes, however this does help to keep the cost of the bike down.

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