Patio Door Decisions: How to Choose the Perfect Style

As you likely know, every summer brings the anticipation of spending time on the patio. The sounds of summer are calling – the buzz of cicadas, and the clink of lemon in a glass of sweet tea – it’s time to get out!

And to ensure you get the most out of your patio, you must dress it for the occasion. That means you should ensure your patio door is down and operational before you can enjoy that backyard.

The question is, what style of door will you choose for your patio? The patio door styles are numerous and have their considerations. Here’s what you need to know when upgrading your patio door.

Understanding the Different Types of Patio Doors

When it comes to immediate access to your outdoor space, patio doors are the perfect solution. A patio door is a hinged door that swings in or out, making it easy to open and close.

Understanding the different types of patio doors can help determine the best style for your home. Here are some examples of patio doors:

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door has two overlapping doors that slide on a track to open or close one or both sides of the door. This type of door is excellent for those who prefer a more efficient use of space, as the doors don’t need to swing open or shut.

Additionally, sliding patio doors are heat efficient. It stays insulated to keep exterior temperatures out and interior temperatures in. It is also easier to maintain than traditional hinged doors, which are more prone to dirt and water build-up.

Sliding patio doors are also generally easier to open and close. It uses less force to move compared to other door types. The cost of a sliding door depends on the material used.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors are becoming popular for homeowners looking for stylish and modern outdoor entrances. These patio doors usually have two or more sections that fold in or out. Folding patio doors can open for easy outdoor access and reduce the risk of tripping on raised thresholds.

Folding patio doors have top and bottom tracks that run from one end of the door frame to the other. It ensures smooth movement when you open the door. It allows for the most significant control when closed.

They come in various designs and finishes, allowing you to choose a folding patio door that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences. Folding patio doors are also a low-maintenance choice compared to other patio doors.

Bi-fold Patio Doors

Bifold Patio Doors are a great way to open a space and add extra light. These doors feature one or more panels you can fold up in accordion style. They can set it up so that only one panel opens up, and they’re great for balconies, decks, and patios.

They also come in different sizes; you can dress them in attractive materials like aluminum, wood, or vinyl. The advantage of bifold patio doors is that they’re easy to install, and you can customize them with different configurations and material choices.

Pocket Patio Doors

Patio doors provide homeowners with many different styles and functionality options. Pocket patio doors are one of the most popular types of patio doors. They slide open and allow for an unlimited amount of light to flood into a space.

The pocket patio doors use a single framing system with a glass pane sliding into the wall cavity instead of folding outwards, like a traditional hinged patio door. They fit large and small spaces, and pocket patio doors can have fixed panels.

They can also be custom designed to fit any architectural style. Due to their efficiency and popularity, pocket patio doors have become a staple in many outdoor projects.

French Patio Doors

There are many different types of patio doors, but the French patio door is one of the most popular choices for style and functionality. French patio doors have the class and sophistication of traditional French doors but are for patio use. They open on a central hinge, allowing each side to move inward, outward, or remain in the middle.

French patio doors also boast excellent energy efficiency. The entries contain two narrow panes and a frame filled with an insulating material. It makes them an energy-efficient choice for homes.

With their classic appeal, the doors are easy to find in various colors and designs. The elegance of French patio doors can make an outdoor space look appealing and help reduce energy costs.

Exploring Available Customization Options

Exploring available customization options in choosing the perfect style of patio door is a great way to create a unique, stylish, and functional space in your home. You have a wide variety of customization options, and you can also choose from a large selection of pre-made styles to get the perfect fit for your home.

For the energy-conscious customer, many types come with high-performance thermal and insulated glass that helps to improve energy efficiency. Unique glass options and a variety of colors, finishes, and hardware can customize your door.

If you’re looking for added charm, you can also choose door grids and screens with various decorative styles. With all these customization options, you’re sure to find the ideal door solution to match your style and budget.

Considering Different Patio Door Framing Material

There are many options when considering different patio door framing materials in choosing the perfect style patio door. Aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are the traditional materials used as a frame for patio doors.

Aluminum frames are durable, lightweight, and low maintenance. Some may consider the material’s high thermal conductivity a potential drawback.

Fiberglass frames are stronger and more energy efficient than aluminum frames but cost more. Vinyl is more cost- and energy-efficient than aluminum but is more prone to dents and scratches.

The best patio door framing material depends on the needs and budget of the individual. Consider energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, cost, and aesthetics when selecting the right material.

Follow This Guide in Choosing a Patio Door

Patio door decisions are an essential feature in any home. They can bring an extra level of style and practicality. Whether you are looking for the convenience of sliding doors, the traditional beauty of French doors, or the modern flair of bi-folds, there are options to match any aesthetic or home size.

Consider what style would work best for your needs and personal style, and check out our range of patio doors for inspiration! For more helpful articles on various topics, check out the rest of our blog!