paint and coating technologies to watch for 2022


Paints and coatings are more than just things that give surfaces colour and protection. Some really cool and interesting new ideas are bringing the industry to a whole new level.

Customers might not know that a certain type of paint has a great feature or is better for a certain application. Because of this, they have to trust their contractor to choose the paint that will work best for the project, as choices are usually made based on the paint’s performance ranking, durability, and unique features. Also, customers should remember that professional contractors have to keep up with local laws and regulations that govern the commercial, industrial, and even housing industries, as well as the environmental effects of the paints or coatings they use.

As one of the best Maler, commercial and industrial painting companies in the area, we make it a point to keep up with the latest technology in painting and coating.

Here are some of the new things we are most excited about right now:

Here are some of the most interesting and unusual ways that paints and coatings have been used in new ways.

1. Smart Paint

From TVs to garage door openers, everything we use today is smart. With conductive paint, you can now even turn a wall into a smart device. Researchers have just made a paint that can turn any wall into a touchscreen. This gives the term “smart home” a whole new meaning.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? The paint has a nickel grid that conducts electricity and makes electrodes on the wall. The wall can then be used as a touchscreen and an electromagnetic sensor to track your position, find objects, and respond to gesture commands. When this technology is ready for sale, you will be able to control all of your smart devices from your wall.

2. Paint that cleans itself

Nanotechnology, which is the study of things smaller than 100 nanometers, has major effects on paint and coating technology. One of the most interesting is paint that cleans itself. By putting nano-sized titanium dioxide into the paint, companies can make finishes that don’t need to be cleaned often, if at all.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? These tiny particles give paint new properties that change how water droplets react to light and move away from or stick to the paint. So, they lessen the friction on the surface, making it easy for dirt to slide off or anything that could stain it to stay away.

3. Antimicrobial Coatings

This new idea also uses nanotechnology to make paints resistant to microbes that could be harmful. Researchers have found that adding silver nanoparticles to paint kills microbes on contact, so you don’t have to clean surfaces as often to keep them clean. This new technology is being used a lot in the medical field, but it can also help in other areas.

For example, restaurants can use these coatings on their kitchen equipment and dining tables to keep germs from growing. This could help stop the spread of disease and keep their employees and customers safe.

4. Auto Interior Paint

You probably think of the outside of a car when you think of paint. But because paint technology has improved recently, you can also paint the inside of your car, which can help restore and protect the interior. You can change the look of your seats without spending a lot of money on reupholstering or leather repair by painting the inside.

This idea has been around for a long time, but new technology has improved it in many ways. Solvents based on urethane, for example, make these coatings flexible, so they don’t crack or peel. They also dry quickly and last for years.

5. Solar Paint

Small light-sensitive particles in solar paint soak up sunlight and turn it into energy. You need to do some wiring to use this energy, but the rest of the installation is as simple as painting a wall.

Solar paints could make your roof or wall a big solar panel. Even though this technology isn’t as good as traditional solar panels, it can help them make as much clean energy as possible.

6. Spray-On Antennas

Spray-on antennas may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but they are now possible thanks to new paint technology. Researchers have made spray paint that can send radio waves and a wireless router or mobile device. With this new idea, the internet of things (IoT) could reach new heights.

If antennas could be sprayed on, it would be easy and cheap to set up a wireless network almost anywhere. Smart cities, could actually happen. This technology is still very new, but it has a huge amount of potential.

There are new ways to paint and coat, but commercial and industrial customers may already know about them. Painting and coating don’t just add colour; they also protect, cool, grip, and do other things to surfaces. New technologies are making these features even better.Connect with Malerkanonen for more information and expert help.

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